Demons Of Hell Coming From the Sky?

Cowboys and Aliens

Scary, Suspenseful, Action-Packed

The reason why this book is scary is because it describes every little detail so well. "The demon moved at amazing speeds, jumping from wall to wall and tearing through Meacham." This quote shows the scariness of the book. Its suspenseful because everything that comes is so unpredictable. Here's another quote that shows suspense: "Jake heard a noise behind the nearest door. It sounded like wood breaking. He slowly wrapped his hand around the doorknob and prepared to fight whatever it was inside." It is action-packed because of all the warfare and fighting going on.

An Adventurous and Action-packed Story

In the Old West, an amnesiac stranger awakes in the middle of the desert wounded in the belly with a bracelet in one of his wrists. He is attacked by thieves but defeats them. He rides a horse and heads to a former mining town, where the local preacher treats him. Then he sees the youth Percy Dolarhyde, who is the son of the powerful farmer Woodrow Dolarhyde, bullying with the bar owner Doc and the other locals. When Percy provokes the stranger, he reacts and beats up on Percy. The local Sheriff John Taggart arrests Percy and he finds that the stranger is the wanted Jake Lonergan. The sheriff returns to the bar with his deputies to arrest Jake, but he subdues the men. However he is hit on his back by the mysterious Ella and he faints. Jake is arrested and when Sheriff Taggart is ready to take Jake and Percy in a coach to deliver to a Federal Marshall, Woodrow arrives with his men ready to protect his son. But they are attacked by spacecrafts that abducts several dwellers, including Percy, Doc's wife and the sheriff. Woodrow organizes a posse to seek out the kidnapped people in a dangerous journey against an advanced race of aliens. Meanwhile Jake Lonergan has glimpses of his past life and they learn that someone among them may help them in the fight.

Mark Fergus

Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby are American screenwriters, known for their work on Children of Men (for which they were nominated for the Academy Award for Best adapted Film) and Iron Man..