Grace's Solo

La Bouffonne

About La Bouffonne

I found that my song extremely interesting. My song's title is translated to a jester or a comedy in french. As I played this piece, it reminded me of a good, nice, happy clown. The piece has 54 measures and 11 slurs. The song switches more mp to f throughout the song.

About Francois Couperin

Francois was born on November 10, 1668 in St. Gervais, France. He came from a long line of musicians that could be dated back to the mid- 16th century. His father died at when he was 10. When he was 17, Francois became an organist at a church. During the 7 years he worked at the church, he got a Royal Privilege (copyright with more protections) to print music in 1689. In 1693, Couperin left the church and was appointed organist of the king. He taught harpsichord to royal and noble children. He'd sub for Jean-Henri D'Anglbert, the chief harpsichord and chamber composer, who's eye sight was failing. In 1717, Francois took over his position. From his year forward and until his death, he composed songs. One of his best collections was called Les nations in 1726. He died September 11, 1733 in Paris, France. He is known as "Couperin the Great". He was also the first person to group his music in "Ordes" or a Suite.
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About the Arrangers

Bruce was born in 1942. Bruce Pearson is the creator of Standard of Excellence Comprehension Book and many other Standard of Excellence books. He is also a well known composer and has led clinics in all 50 states. Pearson has also taught k-12 and college music in 30 years.

Mary Elledge was born in Minnesota and studied piano as a child. she later got a Bachelor of Science degree from Moorhead State University. She later received her Master of Arts degree from the university of Iowa. Mary worked in the Macphail College of Music in Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. She even taught in public schools in Fargo, Rockford, Iowa and Minneapolis. Now she is giving private lessons in San Diego, California.

About Me

My name is Grace Bartunek. I am 14 years old and I just got my permit. I have played flute for 3 years now. I have decided to continue flute in high school. Most of my time after school is spent at the studio that I dance at. I have a dog, an older brother and a younger sister.


I have enjoyed learning how to play La Bouffonne because it is a happy song that is easy to relate to. I enjoy playing something that can make others happy and feel great. Even though this song does not have a deep meaning, you can slow it down to make it seem like a slower ballad.