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Gattis Gossip

Volume 6, Issue 26_____March 17, 2014

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This Week at Gattis....

Grades 2-5 writing collections will be returned to your boxes.


  • Review classroom, hallway, and cafeteria expectations with students
  • 8:00 LaWanda off campus @ Old Town Elem.

Elementary Principal's Meeting - Jennifer off campus

  • 9:50 Annual ARD
  • 11:55 Initial ARD
  • 1:45 Initial ARD


  • 8:00 LaWanda off campus - district committee
  • Tutorials TELPAS online reading grades 2-5
  • 12:45 Early Dismissal
  • Just in Time PD - various locations


  • TELPAS Reading Assessment - ELLs grades 4 & 5
  • 3rd grade - Writing CBA
  • 1:45 Annual/Dismissal ARD


  • 7:35 Morning Assembly
  • Make up - TELPAS Reading Assessment - ELLs grades 4 & 5
  • SST - K, 4th, 5th

A Look Ahead....

March 17-21 3rd grade Writing CBA

March 18 PTA - Ladies' Night Out Painting

March 19 Early Release/ Just In Time PD

March 19 Tutorials for TELPAS Online Reading

March 20 TELPAS Reading assessment 4th and 5th Grade

March 20 6:30 Dual Language Social

March 26 Faculty Meeting/Mandatory STAAR Training

March 26 TELPAS Reading assessment 2nd Grade

March 27 TELPAS Reading assessment 3rd Grade

March 28 1st grade field trip - Inner Space Caverns

April 1 STAAR Testing - 5th grade math, 4th grade writing (day 1)

April 2 STAAR Testing - 5th grade reading, 4th grade writing (day 2)

March Birthdays

March 4 Jorge Padron

March 5 Marcy Rodriguez

March 6 Jennifer Lucas

March 6 Alett Rosberg

March 15 Mary Doyle

March 16 Eva Hughes

March 24 Gabriel Guerrero

March 28 Erin Garcia

March 28 Karen Rivera

Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU!

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Curriculum Updates from Principal's Notes

TELPAS in Progress

Thank you for your hard work and careful attention to details regarding TELPAS. We are entering the scoring period. We appreciate all you did to get student writing portfolios turned in before spring break. We will have them back to you for any corrections and for rating early this week.

Please plan to collaborate with your team mates for rating to ensure consistency, using the scoring instrument from the TELPAS manual to guide your decisions. Rating rosters are due to Kristal by March 31.

Please keep in mind the importance of accurate ratings and plan for the time and careful attention required by this task.

Click this link for important dates and info regarding summer PD!