Confucianism Vs. Islam

By Sneha and Heidi


-Confucians believe in no god.

-There is no afterlife or addressed universe

-Life's purpose is to fulfill role in society

-The holy text are Analects

-Founded by Confucius in 551-479 BC in China


-Islam's God is Allah. Only him, so it's monotheistic religion.

-Islam was founded by Muhammad in 622 CE in Saudi Arabia

-The afterlife consists of Hell or Paradise

-Humans must submit to Allah in order to go to Paradise

-The holy texts are the Quran and Hadith

-All Muslims follow the 5 Pillars of Islam which is to fast,donate to charity,pray 5 times a day, pilgrimage to Mecca, attend Friday Mosque services.

Similarities Between The Two Religions

-They both promote good deeds in life

-Both are started by specific people

-They both have a holy text