The Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has been a very popular tourist attraction for many years. Everyone wants to see the 277 mile long and 1 mile deep canyon that has been carved out by the Colorado river for 5-6 million years. If this sounds like your type of adventure come and visit!!

What is a canyon?

A canyon is formed by erosion of wind and water. The beautiful streak marks and unique patterning on the canyon is from the flowing water, cutting into the canyons edge. In this case, the Colorado river carved out the canyon. The breathtaking view of water flowing through the land form seems to amaze everyone.

Some of our extra activities

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Where do you go?

The Grand Canyon has many surrounding cities. These are a few.

  • South Rim : South Rim is less than one mile away from the majestic geological land forms. One of the amazing tours starts right outside your door! Nearby hotels: Holiday Inn Express , Quality Inn & Suites Canyon Plaza
  • Williams: Williams is a little farther from the Grand Canyon than South Rim. (55 miles) It is more of a city like place and has many restaurants and golf courses. Nearby hotels: Grand Canyon Railway Hotel , Holiday Inn Williams , Mountainside Inn & Resort


Grand Canyon National Park has a large variety of animals. Over 90 species of mammals call the Grand Canyon home. Many visitors enjoy seeing the elk, deer, mule,

bison, bats , squirrels bighorn sheep etc. The video below is about the animals in Bearizonia Drive-Through wildlife park. It is located in Williams, AZ

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