By Gary Paulsen

Melissa Andrade

It all starts when the pilot starts having stomach pains. Brian then asks the pilot what's happening to him, the pilot starts talking for a second he stops. He starts screaming about his chest, that it was coming apart.Brian after a while knows what's happening the pilot is having a heart attack. Then the pilot slammed back in his seat and his right leg jerked. After a while, the pilot stops and Brian is very scared breathing heavily. After, Brian's mind starts working, but even with his mind working he could do nothing. Then, he remembers about the plain and he tries to fly it and successfully he lands,but lands in a forest. That's the important scene is at because if it wasn't for the heart attack Brian would never be there.

Whole Book Summary

Brian Robeson is a kid's who is going to visit his dad in Canada. When the pilot has a heart attack and dies. Brian gets control of the plane and lands the plain in a Canadian forest with only a hatchet to survive. Brian starts looking for food and he lasts 2 months in the forest. At last, he has a feast and it's when he see's a plane fly by and is rescued. That's when the pilot says that he is the kid they stopped looking 2 months ago.