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"If you really believe in what you're doing, work hard. Take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up."

6 Weeks Until NPR. 18 Weeks Until June 30th. It's time to PUSH.

I know how you guys are probably feeling right now. You're thinking that your term is flying by faster than you thought it would and it doesn't feel like there's enough time to meet your goals by summer? I've been there. When I was LCP, it constantly felt like time was against me and I have to say that there's some truth in that. Let's face it - there's not a crazy amount of time left until June 30th. BUT, y'all literally have EVERYTHING at your disposal to make 30 exchanges happen by then.

Most of you and your members just came back from RoKS. Y'all received fantastic content from the best exchange experts in the country. You and your members are more pumped and motivated than ever to make shit happen in the next few weeks. Most of you have over 50 opens on EXPA - over 50 people who have expressed some level of interest in our exchange products. You have the entire national plenary believing in you guys and their advice/tips at your disposal whenever you want to reach out. But most importantly, your entities have you.

Y'all were chosen to lead this movement on your campuses for one reason. You showed incredible passion for this organization and the determination to bring AIESEC into your communities - probably the hardest task to be given to anybody. You have one of the hardest fucking jobs in the network, making something incredible out of nothing - in just six months! It's crucial that y'all remember that you are the person for this position. You are the one who can lead your entity to greatness. Always remember that.

"You can't get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you're doing. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover will be yourself."
- Alan Alda


2/15 - 42 Opens, 2 Applied
2/24 - 52 Opens, 3 Applied

2/15 - 38 Opens, 4 Applied
2/24 - 53 Opens, 2 Applied, 1 ACCEPTED!!!

2/15 - 52 Opens, 2 Applied
2/24 - 67 Opens, 2 Applied

2/15 - 39 Opens, 1 Applied
2/24 - 53 Opens, 1 Applied

Michigan State
2/15 - 41 Opens, 0 Applied
2/24 - 60 Opens, 0 Applied

2/15 - 21 Opens, 0 Applied
2/24 - 35 Opens, 1 Applied

Matt, how do I convert my Opens to Applied to Approved?

Twelve-Step Program Program for Lead Nurturing

Hupspot Blog for Lead Nurturing

Across the country, we're finding that the need for human interaction in our customer flow is crucial if we want higher conversion rates. This means that we need to do some old school physical sales if we want to get people to actually apply to opportunities and be approved! Things like contact tables, info sessions about #6for10, talking to random people on campus, going to every single professor on campus, going to every single center/office on campus, presenting in student org meetings, etc. Do the simple things that are going to get the best results - don't think too much, JUST GO DO :D

Matt, how do I help to motivate my members?


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