The Bissinger Beacon

September 4, 2015

Welcome to 4B!

Thanks for a terrific first week back! Every other week you will be e-blasted a copy of The Bissinger Beacon, our bi-weekly class newsletter to keep you informed about what is occurring in our classroom. Each Thursday, “Thursday Folders” containing all the week’s work will also be sent home. Please review your child’s work, then sign and send back on Friday. Information can also be found on my e-board site on the Tatem School Website. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at or at school at (856) 429- 0902 ext. 116. Communication is key to a successful year!

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

This past week...

This week we spent a lot of time getting to know one another, set goals, and became comfortable with classroom procedures.

  • During Morning Meeting we learned how to properly greet one another through the handshake, ball toss and butterfly greeting. We strengthened our team building skills by playing Ten, Co-Seeki, going on a Human Scavenger Hunt and even used team-work to open a puzzle using only pencils! Some students had the opportunity to share and take questions or comments. Ask your child to show you these activities!

  • 4B reviewed and practiced important classroom routines such as walking in the hall, and our quiet signals.

  • Poets published “Biography Poems” as a way of introducing ourselves to one another.

  • We discussed our three school rules (Take Care Of Yourself, Each Other, and Our School) and brainstormed individual and class expectations as well as hopes and dreams for the year.

  • Students began brainstorming for their “T-Riffic Summer” writing prompt. Students will be authoring a brief narrative highlighting a specific summer event for a bulletin board!


Your child will receive approximately 60 minutes of homework Monday-Thursday. This includes 20 minutes of independent reading at home (RAH). Students also have the option of completing a Drop Everything and Read packet page as supplemental reinforcement. Students will be required to record daily homework in their assignment pads. Assignment pads do not need to be signed, unless homework becomes an issue. Daily homework is also posted on my e-board. If your child misses a homework assignment, you will be notified with a quick reminder note sent home with them that afternoon. The purpose of homework is to reinforce concepts learned in school and promote responsibility. If a homework assignment is taking too long, or your child is becoming frustrated please take a break for the night and send me a note. :)


Students will be allowed a “working snack” throughout the day. Please keep snacks simple and healthy. Candy/soda is not allowed in school. I will allow students a small water bottle to be kept on their desks throughout the day to keep them hydrated and refreshed. A water fountain is also right outside our door.


On your child's birthday please feel free to send them in with a blank T-Shirt of any color. Throughout the day the entire class will have a chance to sign your child's T-Shirt using fabric markers. We will also sing "Happy Birthday" and give your child the famous "4B Birthday Wish Spinoff." :)

Check out how 4B relaxes with a Yoga Break!

Star Student

Beginning next week, a Star Student will be designated by the teacher. Star Student represents a student who exhibited model behavior and went above and beyond expectations the previous school week. This includes academic, social, and emotional strengths. I typically select a star during the month of his/her birthday. The Star Student will be able to fill out and decorate an “All About Me” poster and help design a bulletin board featuring them! Parents will be notified and welcomed into the classroom for 15-20 minutes to read their child’s favorite story and listen as their child presents his/her Star Student bulletin board. Typically, I will try to schedule Star Student presentations Friday afternoons; however times can be flexible depending on your schedule.

Everyday Math

Next week we will begin mathematics instruction and students will learn how to efficiently use their Student Reference Book (SRB). Students received their Everyday Math website login information, which is taped on the inside cover of their assignment pad. Very shortly I will send home your child’s Everyday Math Study Links Book. This book contains all of the homework pages for the year. It is also contains the Family Letters with information on each unit. The family letter explains new concepts, has answer keys and offers ideas for enrichment. Typically your child will have one math assignment per night which will be ripped out and sent back to school in the Take Home folder after it is completed. Sending the book home means your child does not have to carry it back and forth or remember to rip pages out each day. It also means if your child is absent it is easy for them to complete work at home if they feel well enough to do so. It is very important that this book is not misplaced and that your child does not work ahead. Your child should be bringing their Student Reference Book (SRB) home each night or using their log in to access the online SRB. This book is an important tool!

Homeroom App

This year our class will now be sharing photos, videos, and the occasional note on a new app called "Homeroom". It works across all devices and is totally free. The best part is, our albums are completely private. Only people I invite can see them. It's a great way to get a glimpse into our classroom and see what daily life is like in 4B!

Click the link below to join, create a free account, and connect to our class album. After doing that, you can download the free app (for iOS and android) or use your computer to get updates from our class.

Ours will be run by the students. Each day, a class photographer will be taking and posting at least 4 photos. Photos will be mix of work and play - just like our day is! Parents may comment; however please be advised that this is shared with students and other parents so any questions or personal comments - please email me privately.

I am excited for students to show a tiny slice of their day to you each day!

Up Coming Events

9/7 School Closed-Labor Day

9/11 Movie Night 7pm

9/14 School Closed- Rosh Hashanah

9/16 Back to School Night 7pm