Lead Teacher Academy




  1. Choose the bucket that most relates to how you spent the summer.
  2. Write your name on the back of your ticket and place in the bag associated with the bucket you chose.
  3. Be prepared to share which bucket you chose with your tablemates.

Nuts and Bolts

Sped Coordinator Duty Chart

6-Weeks Checklists (Lead Teacher & Sped Teacher)

ARD Prep

Checklist and Timeline


  • PLAAFP Teacher Information Form Template
  • PLAAFP Statement Guidelines
  • Sample PLAAFPs (K-12 & PK)
  • PLAAFP Power Point Training



(Can be completed per class or per student)

Sped Student Profile Sheet (also a HS version)

Math Smore

ELAR Specialist Survey

Zoom Book Activity

  1. Work together to put your pictures in order.
  2. Discuss how this is like the job we do.

Reflection Activity

1. Walk around the room and view each of the nine images.

2. Use the template provided to reflect on how each image relates to your work.

3. Find a partner and share with each other.

4. Go back to your table and look for common themes.

5. Be prepared to share common themes with the whole group.

Important Dates and PARTAY Information

Contact Info

Candice: (814) 397 3458

16/17 Lead Teacher Google Folder