News & Current Events 05/22/2019

We congratulate all students for their hard work throughout the school year. We wish everyone an awesome SUMMER.

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Student Orientation & Meet the Teacher

Friday, Aug. 9th, 10am-6pm

7340 Gessner Road

Houston, TX


Our newly planned orientation will allow parents to

  • Get their child's schedule
  • Meet the teacher
  • Purchase school t-shirt, jacket, and spirit shirt. The Clear Backpack will be also ready to buy
  • Pay Fees
  • Submit lunch application

All stations that parents need to visit will be in the HSE cafeteria and the GYM.

No more waiting in the line!

Clear Backpack Policy

All students 5th through 8th grade, will be required to use clear backpacks only. The clear backpacks will be just for 5th-8th grades while the elementary grades of Kindergarten through 4th will be allowed to continue using traditional backpacks, however, they are encouraged to use clear backpacks as well. There will be no size specification on the clear backpacks just as long as they are able to fit properly into the lockers.

HSE will have clear backpacks with the school logo for sale, starting mid-June. We encourage parents to purchase from the school to promote HSE team spirit. They are competitively priced at $15 and ideally sized for the lockers.

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New Uniform Policy for 5th Grade

5th grade students will be wearing the middle school uniform shirt instead of elementary starting the beginning of 2019-2020 school year. 5th graders will no longer be allowed to use the red/white elementary shirts.

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