Interview With Mrs. Lynch

By: Cecilia Vidales

All About Mrs. Nancy Lynch

Mrs. Lynch is a proud Tomball High School Counselor of all grades, 9th- 12th.

She has a Masters in Education which she got at Sam Houston State University (SHSU).

She loves to interact with her kids and actually takes interest in what they have to say and in their lives. She knows how to motivate them to do their hardest and do all their work to succeed. She will be like your second home. She could just tell you to do this and do that, but she wants to explain it to you, she wants to help you through your issues that you may be having either in school or at home.

Her Office

  • Her office, feels comfortable to be in, and that a good thing because you don't want the kids to feel uncomfortable when you are informing them about something important that they need to know, or else they forget or don't even listen to what you are saying.
  • She also has a lot of quotes in her office that seemed really inspiring and motivational.

Her skills

  • She is very organized and has everything in the place that it's supposed to be in, so she knows exactly where everything is and doesn't loose any information.
  • She has a specific colored binder for every grade, one color for 9th grade, one color for 10th and so on.
  • Leadership Skills:
  1. Motivational
  2. Helpful
  3. Good Listener

The troubles of her job.

Mrs. Lynch works 9-10 hours a day which by one week, she has worked more than 45 hours. She needs a lot of self motivation. I asked her on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how much self motivation is needed in this job?, and she said " Way more than 8, that's for sure".

She says that the biggest reward from counseling, is " Seeing that light bulb come on in their heads, because that means that I did something right, and that I came through to them". But the biggest challenge she has IS to make some kids understand what she is telling them and making them understand how she is just trying to help them.