Carroll's Class Happenings

All Things Fourth Grade - October

English/Language Arts

Our focus for the next few weeks will be understanding and summarizing Informational Text. We will look at the key details to make summary statements. Students are learning how to take two-column notes and use thinking maps.

Our focus after summarizing will be about supporting inferences about informational text.

I am currently reading "The Watson's Go To Birmingham-1963" as a class read aloud. This book is a fantastic Newberry Honor Book, and a Coretta Scott King Award Winner.

Math Corner

We are working on factors of numbers up to 50, as well as if the number is prime or composite.

NC.4. OA.1—Interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison. (For example: 7 times as many as 5 is 35)

NC. 4.MD. 3 - Finding Area and Perimeter


NC. 4. NBT.5–Multiply a whole number of up to three digits by a one digit number, and a two digit by two digit number. Understanding using models and partial products. (** Parents, I will be posting a video when I teach this, the strategies that we use will be what they see on the EOG. It is imperative that they learn what a partial product is, and how to determine it in multiplication - based on our standards.)

NC. 4. NBT. 6—Finding quotients with up to three-digit dividends and one-digit divisors.

Wordly Wise

Upcoming Wordly Wise Tests

Lesson 4: Test on 10/10 Study Link:

Lesson 5: Test on 10/25 Study Link:

Lesson 6: Test on 11/1 Study Link:


We will be switching for Science. Student will go to Mrs. Ramsue to learn about moon phases. Students will also learn about food and nutrition.

Social Studies

We will continue to learn about Native Americans of North Carolina, and the first people to inhabit different regions. We will do some research on the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Parents - I send home the newspaper on Monday, and it is due back on Friday. Students will not be given full credit on the crossword if they don't bring it back on Friday. I allow them to use it as "open notes" for the test. We also spend time during the week with extra activities.

NC Check-Ins

We have reading and math NC check-ins coming next week on 10/8 and 10/10. Please make sure students are at school and on time. This is a benchmark test to give us data on how students are doing, but more specifically how to guide instruction in the weeks following. These do not go into the grade book, and are only used to see students strengths and areas of improvements. These are not anything to stress about, and I will reiterate that several times.

Be in the know...

10/8 - Reading NC Check-In

10/10 - Math NC Check-IN

10/10 - Fall Pictures

10/11 - No School - Teacher Work Day

10/14 - No School - Teacher Work Day

10/19 - Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree

10/21 - Report Cards Go Home

10/25 - Fun Run

*Every Thursday in October is Sports Page Give back night.