City of Ultima

A Geocity in a Parallel Universe Designed by Jack Matthews

Welcome to the City of Ultima!

Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, happiness, or adventure, we're putting out the welcome mat for you to visit our remote, but modern and EPIC, city! We invite you to take a helicopter tour and see all of the creative sights and destinations that shape our city!

Ultima City Hall

Our marvelous, EPIC, and beautiful City Hall is located on Ultimate Street, which has parallel lines, and between the perpendicular intersections of Epic Boulevard and Super Street. Topped with a dome, the building has an area of is a rectangular prism on a rectangle base that has a statue on a rectangular prism surrounded by two tall, thin cylinders set in cone bases. City Hall is central and convenient for business or vacation. City services and Ultima's friendly Chamber of Commerce are here, along with a super soft bed for guests' overnight stays.

Ultimate Airport

Fly in and out of our EPIC city to and from Ultimate Airport, which is a cube on a square base topped with a smaller cube and a working windmill with cylinders for its battery and its blade, which can help generate power for the city. It is located near the obtuse angle of intersecting lines at the corner of Ultimate Street and Super Street. Visitors can rent a car here too!

Ultimate Boathouse

Vacation adventures await at the EPIC Cool Cove, which is a uniquely shaped blue rectangular prism topped with one round edge topped with a uniquely shaped blue boat dock, which holds an orange boat. It also has a cylinder flagpole with a rectangular yellow flag that is the sign for the Ultimate Boathouse, which is located near the acute angle at the intersecting lines from Ultimate Street and Awesome Avenue. Rent a boat for $15 there and fish in Ultima's enchanted lakes. Take swimming lessons or try scuba diving or snorkeling and see the cove's unique magical water snakes!

Epic Ice Cream Dream

In all the world, you will never find a place like the Epic Ice Cream Dream! It is a cone with five spheres symbolizing ice cream scoops. Located on Awesome Avenue with its parallel lines and across the street from Cool Cove, the Epic Ice Cream Dream has every flavor of ice cream imaginable to enjoy after a day at the enchanted lakes!

Ultimate General Store

Whether you are shopping for toys or hungry for a delicious meal or snack, the Ultimate General Store is the place to be! This rectangular prism with an area of 24 centimeters is across from Ultima City Hall on Ultimate Street holds everything you could possibly need or want for food, work or play, all under one roof.

Ultimate Party House

Need party goodies? Want to throw the ultimate birthday party? If the answer is yes, then the Ultimate Party House is the place for you to go. It is a red cube with a perimeter of 30 centimeters topped with a cone that has a yellow triangular flag and other festive cylinders located on Miner Way near the gravel path next to the right triangle with its right angle and the intersecting line crosswalk with its obtuse and acute angles. The cone is where the PARTY STARTS!

Ultimate Helicopter Tours

When you visit Ultima, you'll want to see the city from above. Take to the skies for a tour in one of Ultima's EPIC Ultimate Helicopters that have blades with intersecting lines. It's located at the intersection of Miner's Way and Ultimate Street. If you want to find the landing site, walk in the crosswalk with the intersecting lines and obtuse and acute angles and look for the yellow and grey helicopter pads with parallel and perpendicular lines. Do not worry about not knowing how to fly a helicopter, a trained professional pilot from Ultimate Helicopter Tours will be flying you around the city.

Ultimate Garage

If you need to fix a flat tire, fill up your gas tank, or give your car or truck a rest, go to the Ultimate Garage. This brown rectangular prism has a special front door facing Ulitmate Street near the intersection of Epic Boulevard and Miner Way, where the parallel lines of these streets are perpendicular.