Alcohol and Fireworks Don't Mix

By: Donovan Schneider and Nathan Irwin

The Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July more fires happen than any other day of the year. A FEMA study shows that most of these fires happen from people drinking while lighting off fireworks. You should have a sober lighter always by you when your lighting off fireworks.
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The Seasonal Nature of Fires. Emmitsburg, MD: Dept. of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Fire Administration, National Fire Data Center, 2005. Web.
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Taking Action

This summer on the fourth of July or whenever your lighting off fireworks please don't drink. You could be putting your life in danger and also the people around you lives in danger. You could also burn your home or your personal belongings, forests, and so much more just by drinking and not being safe with fireworks.
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