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Antrim Elementary School April 7, 2023

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Time to Sign Up for Summer Learning

Click HERE to register for summer learning!

Good Afternoon,

It is time to register your child for Summer Learning. Please use the following link to sign your child(dren) up. An early registration will ensure that we have the staff and resources to host a robust summer learning program.

Explore and Expand, Title 1 and Summer Academy will begin on July 5th and run through July 27th. The programs are either 3 or 4 mornings a week depending on the age of your child(dren). A more detailed description of summer learning opportunities can be found in the registration form.

Similar to last year, all summer programming is free including transportation and lunch. Please note that we are working to increase the number of buses so that there are additional common pick-up and drop-off locations for students. We will work closely with town summer Recreation Programs to coordinate so that children may participate in both rec. programming as well as ConVal summer learning.

Please reach out with any questions!


Amy and Kathie

Amy Janoch

(603)924-3336 ext. 2046

Kathie Morrocco

(603)924-3828 ext.1619

April is National Poetry Month

Don’t Go Into the Library

Alberto Rios

The library is dangerous—
Don’t go in. If you do

You know what will happen.
It’s like a pet store or a bakery—

Every single time you’ll come out of there
Holding something in your arms.

Those novels with their big eyes.
And those no-nonsense, all muscle

Greyhounds and Dobermans,
All non-fiction and business,

Cuddly when they’re young,
But then the first page is turned.

The doughnut scent of it all, knowledge,
The aroma of coffee being made

In all those books, something for everyone,
The deli offerings of civilization itself.

The library is the book of books,
Its concrete and wood and glass covers

Keeping within them the very big,
Very long story of everything.

The library is dangerous, full
Of answers. If you go inside,

You may not come out
The same person who went in.


Copyright © 2017 by Alberto Ríos. Used with the permission of the author.

PTO News

The next PTO meeting is Tuesday April 11th after school. Please join us.

Library Media News from Mr. Stultz

Never bring a T-Rex to the library! Unless it's in your imagination.

Kindergarten and 2nd grade have been learning their imagination is boundless. They can be anything and have anything when they explore books and our library. We discussed how it connects to our writing as well. They worked with partners during a challenge to put our new dinosaur puzzles together! I think their brains needed rest after all of the exercise.

Our first grade echo read a book about a stone and a stick who become best of friends when they consider each others feelings. They both ended up "sticking" up for each other. Each student received one special rock to put in our rock tumbler. In a couple of months, we'll see how they turned out.

Our 3rd and 4th grade students were introduced to TinkerCad. They will be designing 3d prints and experimenting in a SIM lab as they become more comfortable.

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Note from the Office

Thank you to everyone who has been using Pickup Patrol to communicate with the office regarding your child’s absences and change in dismissal plans. If your child is absent and we have not heard from you as to why they are out, a call will go out at 10:10 informing you that your child is absent and it is considered an unexcused absence. It is important that we know why your child is out. Thank you for being proactive in communicating with the office!

Games in Muzart with Djembe Drums

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Choice Boards in Grade 4

Miss. Gilbert’s 4th graders recently finished reading the book The Tiger Rising By Kate DeCamillo. The 4th graders were then given a choice board of projects they could choose to complete. Today we completed a gallery walk of our finished projects!
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First Graders are Inventors

The first graders have been inspired by our math night games. Some students have created new games using playing cards and fact fluency, to challenge each other to name their math facts. Others have played the games that we learned on math night to deepen these fluency skills. We are also comparing numbers using the > and < signs. It was fun to get up and moving to compare numbers around the room!
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Mrs. Sullivan's Class is Learning About Bugs

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Spring is Trying to Peek Through

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