Blake's Bucket List

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Great Barrier Reef Diving Lady Elliot Island Queensland Australia

Scuba Diving in Australia #1

On my bucket list I want to scuba dive in Australia.It is really cool because there is cool sea life in there waters. Also they have cool rocks and shapes in there waters, due to weathering. The running water of waves cause the shapes of their rocks.
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A Look from the London Eye

The London Eye#2

The London Eye has great views of the Big Ben. The Big Ben has been weathered down over time by wind erosion. The London Eye also has a great view of the London Bridge that has been weathered down by ice and wind.
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Rock Climbing Hawaii (part 2)

Rock Climbing in Hawaii

I want to rock climb on Hawaii's beautiful mountains and rocks overlooking their big blue ocean. The mountains and rocks have been weathered down for million's of years;by wind, ice and sand from the beaches.
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JetPack Mexico

Jetpack in Mexico

I want to jet pack in Mexico because I think it would be a lot of fun. The scenery in Mexico where you jet pack is beautiful due to weathering breaking down the rocks and making new land forms for a beautiful view as you fly high in the sky in Mexico.

Sky diving in Jammacia

I would like to sky dive in Jammacia.When you sky dive in Jammacia you can see its' beautiful mountains that have been weathered down by wind weathing. It makes for a wonderful view on your trip back down to the ground
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