Newton's 100 Introduces....




Newtons first law states that if an object has no netforce or velocity it is at rest until acted upon. For an example if I put a chair down and no paranormal activity is going on the chair isn't moving, therefore it is at rest until a random spooky person wearing a sheet sends it fying out the window.

Our car was at rest when we couldn't figure out how to make it move on its own until we used rubber bands to launch it using elasticity force.

Newtons 2nd law

Newtons 2nd law states that the change in volocity or acceleration in which an object moves is directionally proportional to the magnitude of the force applied to the object and inversely proportional to the mass of the object. An example of newtons 2nd law is if a person pushes a object.

Our car shows newtons 2nd when we launch it and the elacticity weakens and the air resistance makes it stop

newtons 3rd law

Newtons 3rd law states that with every action there is a reaction. And example of newtons 3rd law can be if two cars crash into each other the air bag goes off.

Our car shows newtons 3rd law by when we wind up the wheels with the rubber band attached and let go, the car moves.

Graph of final trials

This was our data of our graph for the trials including the speed of our vehicle below!!!
Trail 1: 14 inches was our average distance

Trail 2: 15 inches was our average distance

Trial 3: 17 inches was our average distance

Speed trials

Trail 1: 5.3 seconds was our average speed

Trail 2: 5.3 seconds was our average speed

Trial 3: 4.7 seconds was our average speed

gaining speed

We tried multiple way to gain speed on our car and our first idea was magnets. We figured out that that wouldn't work and used rubber bands. After a few attempts with rubber band we used rubber bands on the wheels. After it worked pretty well!!!....... But then it died a tragic death by being murdered by a backpack.


At first I had an awesome idea of using magnets to power the car but it wouldn't work. Later Michelle started to build our master piece. She made the box and pretty much everything else and I brought a couch... Yea wasnt much help... But she got the car moving by using rubber bands to launch it. After several attempts she finally got it moving!

Eventually it came to to the day were we had to race. Unfortunately our car didn't go anywhere... I don't know how Michelle felt but I thought it was fun working with her! All and all we didn't win at all and the car didn't move.

It was fun working on the car with many cool ideas! Almost all were funny!!! And this is the end!!!