October 2021


As we kick off another school year, we are also kicking off a District-Wide Newsletter named “Eagle News.” This electronic newsletter will be sent out via emails to parents and staff at the beginning of each month. A link to the newsletter will also be available on our website.

Eagle News will include:

  • A running list of important dates going out several months. (Please Note: This list will NOT include regular season sporting events. All sports information can be found on the school’s calendar, which is posted on our website.)

  • More information about upcoming events.

  • “Things to Know” Section will include articles such as health information or photos from the past month.

  • At the bottom of each newsletter, we will include links to you may find helpful.

Besides this monthly newsletter, the school’s website and facebook page will continue to be a consistent source of information for our school community. Each week, we post candid photos, sporting event changes, job information and more on our website and/or facebook.

Although this newsletter will replace the Elementary Eaglet, this is not meant to replace vital information from our administration team. Important communication, such as unexpected school cancellations or COVID updates, will continue to come directly from the administration team via the school’s Instant Alert System, which sends a recorded email or voice message to parents.

Also, teachers will continue to communicate directly with parents utilizing apps, emails, phone calls or conferences.

We want to thank you for your continued support of the New York Mills Public School and we look forward to the year ahead.

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September 27-October 1 - HOMECOMING WEEK (see below)

September 27- Elementary Picture Day

September 27-Homecoming Coronation at 2 p.m. (see below)

September 27-School Board Meeting at 5:30 in HS Media Center

September 27- ECFE Event at Otter Berry from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

September 28- High School Picture Day

October 1- Homecoming Activities HS & Elementary (see below)

October 1- "Bully No More" virtual assembly for K-6 at 8:45 (see below)

October 3-9- Fire Prevention Week

October 6 - 1:00 Dismissal/ Early Out

October 6- Walk to School Day (see below)

October 18-20- Scholastic Book Fair (see below)

October 18-22- School Bus Safety Week

October 21-22 - MEA Days - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

October 25-29- Red Ribbon Week (see below)

October 25- School Board Meeting at 5:30

October 27-28- PreK Halloween Celebrations (see below)

October 29- Celebrate Halloween (see below)

November 1 - JH/SH Band Concert at 7:30

November 2 - Election Day

November 8 - JH/SH Choir Concert at 7:30

November 9- Flu Clinic from Otter Tail Public Health from 2:30-4

November 11 - 1:00 - Early Dismissal Students/Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00-8:00

November 12 - NO SCHOOL

November 19 - 4:00-7- IT'S BACK - COMMUNITY CARNIVAL!!!

November 22 - 4:00-7 - Community Carnival Inclement Weather Make-Up Day (IF NEEDED)

November 24 - Elementary Trimester 1 Ends


December 1- Early Dismissal at 1 p.m.

December 6 - Elementary Report Cards Go Home

December 6- K-2 Concert

December 13- ECFE Supper with Santa at 5-6:30

December 13- JH/SH Band Concert

December 16- 3/4 Concert

December 20- 5/6 Concert

December 23-January 2-Holiday Break

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Sept. 27-Oct. 1: Homecoming Week

The 2021-22 New York Mills High School Homecoming Court includes: Front Row: Mairyn Erp, MacKenzie Gilster, Aliya Gerber, Irene Mursu, Moriah Geiser, and Ariel Arno (Mistress of Ceremony). Back Row: Bren Salo, Noah Noffsinger, Jacob Guck, Breck Hensch, Dane Niemi, and Jack Peeters (Master of Ceremony). Families of candidates are welcome to join the 7-12 student body to watch the coronation at 2 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 27 in the Auditorium. See the video link below for information about the entire week of events.

Sept. 27: Elementary Picture Day

Don't forget to send the order envelope with your child(ren).

Sept. 27: Homecoming Coronation

This year’s Homecoming Coronation will be during the school day so the 7-12th student body can watch. Families of candidates are welcome to join us at 2 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 27 in the Auditorium for Homecoming Coronation.

Sept. 28: High School Picture Day

Don't forget to send the order envelope with your child(ren).

Oct. 1: Homecoming Events

High School: Spirit Breakfast in the morning followed by the wagon parade for the elementary school. The afternoon will include class competition events and a pep fest. The evening consists of the Homecoming Football game and a school dance.

Elementary: Eagle Pride with virtual "Bully No More" event followed by the elementary pep fest.

Oct. 1: Bully No More Virtual Assembly

Bully No More is a fun and instructional assembly that is broadcast live via zoom for students in K-6th grades. This interactive presentation teaches children what to do if they are a bully target or a witness to bullying. The program also speaks out directly to those that may be doing the bullying. For more information, watch the preview video (below) or check out the pdf flyer.
YoJo's BULLY NO MORE preview video

Oct. 6: Walk to School Day

New York Mills students from across the district will participate in Walk to School Day. This event is during the school day around 9 a.m. Younger students will be paired with older students as they walk around town to practice safe walking techniques. The event is to help remind students about use safety in their commute to school.

Watch the weather and send students with weather appropriate clothing for an hour walk. If it is raining, the event will be postponed.

Oct. 18-20: Scholastic Book Fair

Everyone is welcome to stop by the school to visit the Scholastic Book Fair. The fair will be set up in the NY Mills Elementary Media Center between Oct. 18-20. Shopping hours are from 11:15-12:45 each day, as well as after school on Tuesday, Oct. 19 from 3:10-6 p.m.

We will also offer an online version of the book fair. The online fair will be open starting October 13 and will close on October 26. To shop online, visit http://www.scholastic.com/fair and type in the NYM zip code (56567) to find our school.

If you are intersted in volunteering or have any questions, please contact Nancy Schik at nschik@nymills.k12.mn.us

Oct. 25-29: Red Ribbon Week

The NY Mills Elementary School will celebrate Red Ribbon Week during the week of Oct. 25-29. Red Ribbon Week helps bring focus to anti-drug and stop bullying messages. The week includes "Wear Red Day" and a "Put a Cap on Drugs Day." The students will also endeavor to collect canned goods to be donated to the NYM Food Shelf. More information will be sent out at a later date.

Oct. 29: Halloween Celebrations (PreK Oct. 27-28)

High School: 7-12 Grade students may donate $1 to wear appropriate costumes throughout the day as part of a Student Council/NHS Fundraiser. Appropriate costumes must follow the school dress code, can not include weapons and can not cover the face (no masks, no sunglasses, no full coverage face paint).

Halloween Classroom Parties will be on Friday, Oct. 29. The NYM PreKindergarten classrooms will celebrate on Wednesday, October 27 and Thursday, October 28. Pre-packaged, individual treats can be enjoyed during the classroom party. Please do not bring homemade items or items that would be shared with multiple people. Appropriate costumes and props only. No blood, weapons or face paint.
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Health Screening:

  • Self-screening of illness will be required. If your child is ill, please keep them home and report their symptoms to our school nurse, Jodi Seelhammer, at the Health Office by calling 218-385-4216.
  • If your child is experiencing any symptoms, they should remain home until they are symptom free for a full 24 hours. This includes cold and/or allergy-type symptoms.

  • Schools are mandated to report any positive COVID cases to the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Our practice regarding someone who is in close contact with a person who is COVID positive, will be to notify staff and students (and parents/guardians) who are close contacts with a positive case and ask them to monitor their symptoms closely.
  • At this time, there are no quarantine requirements.

All students in Kg - 6th grade must have the following immunizations up-to-date:
DTaP, Polio, MMR, Hep B, and Varicella. If your child has had chicken pox, please provide documentation from your healthcare provider.

There is no requirement for COVID vaccine.

To file a conscientious or medical exemption for any or all vaccinations, please complete the second page on this form and have it notarized. On the form, please list which vaccinations you wish to exempt.

Flu Clinic

A Flu Clinic through Otter Tail County Public Health will be at the school on Tuesday, Nov. 9 from 2:30-4 p.m. More information will be sent home as the date gets closer.

Bus Practices

Please remember that children have two choices when it comes to bus rides. They can ride their regular bus or ride a daycare bus. Children are not allowed to ride the bus home with a friend. Also, any calls to the elementary office about end of the day changes need to occur BEFORE 2:50 p.m.

Free Breakfast & Lunch

Thanks to federal funding, the School Breakfast & Lunch Program at the New York Mills Public School will be free for students in Pre-k-12th Grade. This does not include al a carte items. Families are still requested to fill out the Free and Reduced Application Form as this is used to determine school funding.

Our Amazing Teachers

Snapshots from September

We post photos weekly on our Facebook page, as well as the school website. Here are just a few from September.
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More than 50 NYM High School students participated in Day of Caring in September.
NYM Elementary students enjoy recess on our playground on a daily basis. Rain and extreme cold keeps are the only things that keep us inside.
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Womenade representative Heidi Dresser presented Superintendent Blaine Novak with a check of $2,000. Each fall, Womenade graciously donates funds to be utilized throughout the school year to help New York Mills students with various financial needs. From purchasing warm clothes to paying activity fees, this fund has helped dozens of NYM students through the years. Womenade is a nonprofit that raises money in various fundraisers around the area. They currently donate to 5 schools, including NY Mills.

Doug Schulz's class donned safety goggles for their first lab day.
The NYM Pre-Kindergarten class is two days a week. Two groups come on Mondays & Wednesdays and two groups come on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The Pre-K day is full of art projects, reading, physical activity, singing and imaginative play.
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