Party At Gatsby's

Celebrity Cameos, Mishaps, and More!

Special Appearance of Famous Golfer

Professional golf player Jordan Baker was among the hundreds of guest at Gatsby's party last night. She was said to be seen with a man and a couple of girls for much of the night, apparently already having been acquainted with each other. When our correspondent for the parties got the opportunity to speak with her and asked her if she was enjoying herself, she replied, "Of course! I love the intimacy of large, glamorous parties like this." As she is preparing for her next tournament, which will be her redemption from her humiliating loss at the championship, she drank as little as possible and was believed to be hanging around with Gatsby himself.

A Crazy Night

Rumors and a Car Crash?

There were many conversational topics last night, but the topic that most people seemed to be fascinated by was that of the host himself, Jay Gatsby. Who is Jay Gatsby? Some say that he's a really sweet guy. Some say that he was a German spy during the war, while others claim that he was in the American army during the war. One especially disturbing rumor was that Jay Gatsby has actually committed murder. Although it's likely that these rumors are false, no one has been able to find the man and disprove them.

On an even stranger note, towards the end of the party, a man who appeared to be very intoxicated drove a car into a tree outside the Gatsby mansion. After being surrounded by bystanders, he supposedly claimed that he had no idea how to drive a vehicle. What a night!