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2nd Quarter In Review

Over the past 45 days, students and teachers have been very busy using technology to enhance learning. Weather it be a Skype or stop motion movie making, these technology experiences engage students while helping them build a real world understanding of the information taught. Below are some of the great examples of how students are using technology at Northstar Elementary this month.

Stop Motion Movies

Mr. Roozeboom and some of his ELP students have been using the LEGO Movie Maker app to create stop motion videos. They created these videos below with a partner after a quick how to session on using the app. They did a great job of diving right in and seeing what they could create for movies. Look for more stop motion videos in the future!
LEGO Movie Maker

Google Hangouts

This month Mr. Pearson's 5th graders and Mr. Dunkin's 3rd graders teamed up to perform various holiday themed readers theater's. The students rehearsed their parts for three weeks and then performed them LIVE on the internet via YouTube. Google Hangouts made it possible to broadcast these readers theater's live, so family members and other students and staff in the KCSD District could enjoy the all of the hard work.
Northstar Reader's Theater 3rd/5th

QR Codes

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time. Teachers use Google Docs everyday to collaborate with staff members in and out of their buildings. Below students in Mr. Roozeboom's 5th grade ELP group are using Google Docs to make business plans. Each student came up with an idea for their own business they would like to run. Then they created a Google Doc and shared it with group members to collaborate and brainstorm business plan ideas.
Big image

SMART Boards

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Yellowstone National Park Skype

Students in Mr. Dunkin's and Mrs. Leedom's 3rd grade classes were able to Skype with a park ranger from Yellowstone National Park. Over the past few weeks in science, students have been learning about different landforms around the world. The students were able to discuss and see pictures of landforms found in Yellowstone, and also how some of those landforms were made over thousands of years.
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Governor Brandstad Skype

Mrs. Davis' 4th grade class had the opportunity to participate in the "Skype Your School" Program with Governor Brandstad. The students in Mrs. Davis' class have been learning about government, and the different branches of government over the course of their Social Studies unit. This Skype allowed the students to extend their learning experience by having a discussion with the Governor and ask the Governor questions about Iowa's government.

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