Why kids shouldn't do extreme sport

by Alyssa Hicks

Have you ever worried about your kids participating in sports? I think extreme sports are dangerous for kids because kids can get hurt. Kids can get addicted and stop doing well in school. The sports and injuries can costs a lot of $.
Your kids can die or can get severely hurt. Parents have no idea how there kids are learning to do extreme sports.But you may think they are learning by a professional extreme sports men even thought they are watching you tube.
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Your kids will not do there homework ,will not lines and do there chores.They will not do well in school will fail tests, sol and mid terms.
You will pay lots of money for injuries. It can be dangerous like I said in paragraph 1. For example, you might pay to rent an airplane, then you will have to pay for jumping out of the airplane. Overall l you might end up paying over $4300.

What if your parachute doesn't open? You will then need to be hospitalized. That will add to the $4300.

In conclusion, you might not want to put you're kids in extreme sports because they are dangerous. You want to keep your children safe and away from harm. Extreme sports should not have been invited.
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