CEO Money

Are they paid to much? Or is it just right?

CEO Problems

Ever thought about how much money you earn? CEO's of some companies get paid millions of billions of dollars. Some will tell you its right cause they earned it. Others will say there is no need for them to make that much. Should they have a limit or is it just fine the way it is?

CEO RIghts

CEO or, "Chief Executive Officer," get to where they are at for all the hard work they put in. Many make millions, and some make billions. They put many hours into their work to make all that money. Mark Zuckerberg put in hours on end to make $2.3 billion dollars after his first year. Does he deserve to make that much over a website?

CEO Need Less

The CEO branch of a company, some would say that they get paid way to much for way to little of a job. Many CEO don't do much for to get paid as much as they do. Some don't deserve the job they are at' because some don't put in as much as others of a lower branch of a company. They make all this money, and it keeps going higher for no apparent cause. People say that you earn what you put in but most CEO's don't put in as much as someone who wants a raise or lives check to check. Are they just paid to much after all?

What should be done??

If CEO's who get paid millions where to donate or even take half to give to someone of the lower branch of the company that might be okay. But then again they have paved their own way to get to that point in their job to get paid millions of dollars. It's all in the hand of the beholder, work hard get paid for what you do, or just help out where it's needed. A limit would be just as better than everything so the money can be more evenly distributed throughout the company.