school day should be shorter

By:Abbie Jonathan kathren Kaisy

Why sleep is important

Decades of sleep research have confirmed it harder for teenagers to wake up early.

Adults need seven te eight hours of sleep but teens, whose bodies are still growing need eight hours and thirty minutes to nine hours of sleep each night. When teenagers do not get enough to sleep the problems can effect every aspect of their life. They cant focus as well, it affects their decision making ability and creativity, and so many more issues that can be avoided by a few hours of sleep.

Reasons why school should star later

Even a small time change can have big results. A research center in Rhode Island studies of a 25 minute delay in schools start time, they saw the students sleep time increased by an average of thirty minutes, reduced sleepiness through out the day, and improvement in the students mood and focus. "If you don't sleep well, you don't think very well" Collage professor Joseph Buckhalt said.

How it can help us

A few hours or even a few minutes of sleep can have a positive impact on our life. A few minutes can boost our mood our energy, improve our creativity, decision and with that we'lol do better not only acedemicly but in other aspects of our life as well.

Acedemicly performance

"All else equal, students who generally got a good nights sleep preformed better on exams" a researcher at Ghent university said. Most kids are sleep deprived, and school starting times aren't helping. Students who get a good night sleep don't just do better on tests but they do better in work in general. Students need more sleep not only for academic purposes but for their health and safety.

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