Primary and Secondary sources

Examples: Chernobyl Disaster, Non-examples: 9/11 incedent

Primary Source

A primary source is a document which was created during the time under study. Primary sources provide direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation. Sources:,

Example: Primary Source

This is a primary source because it is a newspaper from when the event happened in Chernobyl.

Non-example: Primary source

This is not a primary source because this is a book long written after the event happened therefore it is a secondary source not primary.

Secondary Source

Any source about an event in history that was produced after the event. Sources:

Example: Secondary Source

This is a secondary source because it is a book written after the event in Chernobyl.

Non-example: Secondary Source

This is not a secondary source because it is a picture of a news broadcast from the day of the event, therefore it is not a secondary source it is primary.