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What is this about

Myself and my team of Lead Practitioners and Lead Practitioner designates will be producing this SMORE electronic, interactive magazine on a fortnightly basis.

The purpose of these magazines is to focus on the key areas for development across the Academy and hopefully provide you with a variety of resources, strategies and ideas to use in your classroom.

Recently we visited Primary and observed some of the mastery learning that underpins their Maths curriculum. In secondary, we are beginning to apply some of the core principles to our teaching and observing outstanding practice was the first step. It was clear on first impressions that the consistency of routines and rituals across all classes were embedded with meticulous detail. This helped to set the perfect climate for learning for students to embrace mastery learning.

Below are some examples of what we saw in primary, as well as Mr. Ofori's fantastic briefing.

Mastery Learning
Mastery in the classroom Mr Ofori

Issue 1 - Differentiation

Inclusive learning is at the heart of our beliefs about student achievement. Below are some links to online resources and case studies that will help you to plan for inclusion.

Six Strategies for Differentiated Instruction in Project-Based Learning

A range of differentiation activities

Read the article here

Altrincham Grammar School for Girls strategies to differentiate

The article look at the overall ethos of working in mixed ability groups, the

differentiation process, some practical examples of how the differentiate plenary activities to accommodate more gifted students and also whole class teaching.

Click here to see the article

Gifted and talented differentiation with @headguruteacher

This article looks at Tom Sherrington's philosophy towards provision for the gifted and talented.

Read Toms blog post here

Take Away Homework

Provide a template for students to be creative with their homework. Let them select a method.

Hungry for more

See links for further reading on differentiation

Geoff Petty Differentiation resources

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Tips & Strategies for Effective Differentiation & Instruction.wmv
Primary Gifted and Talented - Classroom Practice