Wonder Project

In a Powerpoint, Prezi, or other presentation format, complete the following project over the novel.


Slide One- Title of novel with a picture AND your name.

Slide Two- Summary of the book (in 5-7 sentences- be sure to include beginning,middle, and end)

The following slides will be character slides. Include the characters name, description, character traits, etc. Be sure to include his/her relationship with Auggie, a picture you feel represents the character, and how he/she reacts to Auggie and is changed by him:

Slide Three- August

Slide Four- Jack Will

Slide Five- Julian

Slide Six- Via

Slide Seven- Summer

Slide Eight- Justin

Slide Nine- on this slide you will put FIVE statements (precepts) that you relate to. These may be quotes or sayings you find on the internet, in books, fortune cookies, etc.

Slide Ten- What do you feel the theme of this book is? How has it changed you and your opinions? What part spoke to you the most?