Quebec city

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Early history

French explorer Jacques Cartier built a fort at the site in 1535, where he stayed for the winter before going back to France in spring 1536. He came back in 1541 with the goal of building a permanent settlement. This first settlement was abandoned less than one year after its foundation, in the summer 1542, due in large part to the hostility of the natives combined with the harsh living conditions during winter.
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Qubec city

In 1665, there were 550 people in 70 houses living in the city. One-quarter of the people were members of religious orders: secular priests, Jesuits, Ursulines nuns and the order running the local hospital, Hotel-Dieu.

Quebec city is the capital of Quebec

Why it is importent

Quebec city is one of the oldest European settlements in North America and clearly is the capital of Qubec. It is very historic and has holds many famous tourist attractions, like the winter carnival, summer music festival, montmorency falls and the ice hotel.