Barn Owl

By Esmeralda Moran &Summer Guntz

The Barn Owl's wing span

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Barn Owl

The Owl it in his/her shelter.

The Problems of Owls

In the chapter 5 in the book of north American owls by Helen Roney Satter describes how owls were facing problem and challenges.Humans were causing problems they killed owls,and they took away their homes,they were of Owlscalled endangered species, and there was this problems that DDT was causing.They were causing problems to the eggs of the owls to they also was the one they died,it didn’t let the owls live that long.Many Owls were trying to recuperate from the damage.

Humans are Fixing the Problems that Owls Face

Page 38 in The Book of North American Owls by Helen Roney Sattler describes humans fixing the problems owls face. There are many programs to save owls. Teenagers in Oklahoma are building nest boxes to replace old buildings. Scientists are breeding owls in zoos and then releasing them in Arizona. Owls are very competent in looking out for themselves, but humans caused all owls problems, and they want to fix them.


  • Endangered species
  • DDT
  • Recuperate
  • Replace
  • Releasing
  • Competant