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September 14th, 2016

Hello Parents!

Can you believe we are already in our 6th week of instruction? Time is flying by! Your children will be receiving several formative grades from our first unit (place value and addition and subtraction of decimals) in their red Thursday folders tomorrow. These are not their final formative grades for each standard. Final grades will be given at the end of this nine weeks. This shows their progress and areas of strength and weakness that will continue to be worked on for the next three weeks.

Their first unit test will also be in their Thursday folders. I have been very pleased with everyone’s' progress and effort throughout the past several weeks. This is the first unit test of the year, and many students are getting acclimated to the routine and procedure of 5th grade, as well as new math content. I am also enjoying building and developing a better relationship and understanding of your child's mathematic ability. If your child needs to be retested, this will occur on Monday, September 19th. I will hold off on placing these grades into Infinite Campus until all retests have been completed.

Math News

Update on Math:

We have officially begun diving into Unit 2: Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers. We started this unit off with the review of vocabulary and parts of number sentences, including:

  • factors and products

  • dividends, divisors and quotients

We have moved to estimation of products and will continue working with multiplication for the rest of this week. Tic Tac Toe method, also known as partial products, will be introduced and your children will be practicing this for the rest of the week.

Division review will start off next week’s lessons, and we will review the “chunking” method and long division. Chunking relates to partial products and your children will see a clear correlation between multiplication and division because of this. Remember, we want to continue to build their understanding of place value and number sense.

In an effort to better prepare your children for this unit, please encourage them to practice and review their basic math facts for both multiplication and division.

A View Into My Room

Thursday Folders

Please make sure to check your child's red Thursday folder each week. This will contain flyers from the county, work from teachers, and your child's conduct card to sign.

This week you will see:

· Formative Quizzes in Math

· Unit 1 Math Test

· Conduct Card (please sign)


  • Splatter Dash Run: Tomorrow!!!

Thank you so much for your participation and donations for this event. This is a huge fund raiser for the school and our 5th grade team has done phenomenally!! The total money raised from our three classes alone exceeds $2,200! This event will take place during Specials at the end of the day (2:05 pm) tomorrow. Please make sure to send your child to school in a white t-shirt that you don’t mind getting messy and full of color. Students are also able to wear their own hats, sunglasses and bandanas during the run.

  • September 22 - Boy Scout Recruitment Night, 7:00-8:30pm (Cafe 1)

  • September 26-30 - FALL BREAK!!! :)

Ms. Barnwell's Wish List

Thank you to the parents that have been so generous in helping out our classroom. We are still in need of:

  • Tissues (gotta love allergies!)
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