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September 1, 2015

Greetings Parents!

Wow!!! We had a great turnout last night at Open House/Curriculum Night. If you were able to attend our curriculum night, I hope you found the information informative. We would like your feedback regarding the event so please click on the link here to provide me with your input as we look at ways to improve this event and future events.

General Reminders and Updates for all Students

  1. A reminder that Help Days begin on September 2, 2015. Every Wednesday is a Help Day for Math and Social Studies. Every Thursday is a Help Day for Language Arts and Science. Students do not need a pass to attend Help Day Sessions. We open the doors for students to enter the building starting at 8:15am. When dropping students off for Help Days, please be courteous to our fellow parents who are also dropping off students. We ask that parents do not pull around stopped or unloading cars. Drop off for Help Day is at the front of the building. The first car should pull up all the way up to the end of the awning and the cars behind should pull up directly behind the car in front of them. We unload cars all the way back to the end of the awning. We do experience a high amount of traffic on Help Days, but with your cooperation and patience we can unload all cars quickly and safely.
  2. Reminder that Yearbooks for the 2015-2016 school year are already on sale for $37 at
  3. A reminder that there is no school Monday, September 7, 2015.
  4. Twice a year middle schools release early. The first early release dates are September 23rd and 24th. On September 23rd, teachers will hold conferences with parents. If a conference is scheduled for your child, you will receive an invitation to attend the conference. If you do not receive an invitation for a conference, but would like to schedule a conference, please reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher to request a conference. In middle school the teachers meet with parents as a team, so all four academic teachers and possibly one or more connection teachers will be present for the conference.
  5. This year we will not be sending home any paper progress reports. Parents will need to use the parent portal to access and review your child’s grades. Twice each semester parents will be sent a link to complete a form verifying that you have reviewed current grades.
  6. On November 3, 2015, Gwinnett voters will be asked to consider continuing the E-SPLOST (education special purpose local option sales tax). Over the years, Gwinnett students and school communities have benefited from the E-SPLOST which has provided thousands of needed classrooms in nearly 60 new schools and nearly 80 school additions, as well as technology improvements that are essential to teaching and learning.

Here are some key facts about the proposed E-SPLOST:
  • Anticipated revenue of $950 million (By law, Buford City Schools will get $22.3 million based on their student enrollment, leaving GCPS with $927.6 million.)
  • Projects include 4 new schools and 9 additions and renovations.
  • Technology upgrades systemwide, including a refresh of technology at all middle and high schools.
  • Equipment and facilities modifications for the high school academies
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment to address needs due to growth and replacement
  • Fine arts needs (growth and replacement)
  • Facility improvements to address preventive maintenance that has been postponed due to budget cuts (roofing, painting, carpeting, etc.)

Bay Creek Communication Tools

If you are looking for ways to locate updates and upcoming events at Bay Creek, there are several different ways we will communicate with parents listed below. As the district has moved to the eCLASS platform, teachers no longer have individual webpages. As parent access is not yet available, we encourage parents to log into their child’s eCLASS page and review homework and upcoming classroom assignments.

  • The Bay Creek Web Page:
  • Like our Facebook page:
  • Download the Connect 2 Grayson App for youriPhone or Android device.
  • Sign up to receive reminders and emergency information through (Directions for can be found on the Bay Creek Web Page.)
  • View current grades and other specific individual student data through the Parent Portal. (Parent portal accounts can be obtained by completing the account form at the reception desk. Picture I.D. is required.)

Grade Level Specific Information

6th Grade

  • 6th graders have the amazing opportunity to participate in Junior Achievement and will go on a trip to the new Discovery Junior Achievement Center @ the Discovery High School. More details to come!

7th Grade

  • Reminder to pay for the Rock Eagle Field Trip through Meal Pay Plus! We only have 200 spots available this year so reserve your spot early!

8th Grade

  • Your child will be participating in the 2015 administration of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) which measures students’ verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal reasoning abilities. The results of this test will help assess how well your child is performing and assist with plans to meet your child’s academic needs.

    The administration will be delivered as follows:
    Monday, September 16, 2015: Verbal Battery - Sections 1, 2, & 3
    Tuesday, September 17, 2015: Quantitative Battery - Sections 4, 5, & 6
    Wednesday, September 18, 2015: Nonverbal Battery - Sections 7, 8

  • Reminder that the $50 deposit for the Savannah field trip is due September 30, 2015.


  • Reminder all students shall bring their earbuds to school everyday per the beginning of the school supply list. These useful little devices are easy to carry around, produce comfort to their ears, and help manage the sound coming from their personal devices or our desktop computers. Cheap earbuds can be purchased at any local store (i.e. Walmart, Dollar General, etc.).

Counselors’ Corner

Parenting For School Success . . .

  1. Make sure your kids get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation has been associated with childhood obesity, memory impairment, and poor impulse control. Middle school students need about 10 hours of sleep per night. Keep cell phones and tablets out of your child’s bedroom while s/he is sleeping.
  2. Set limits on technology. Limit television and computer usage on school nights. Make certain that homework is completed accurately before the television is turned on. Texting with friends throughout the late evening can be a problem for some students.
  3. Stay involved in your kids’ academic world, but don’t make it your responsibility. Act as a good coach, offering advice, giving encouragement, setting standards, and applying consistent consequences. Your job is to teach responsibility and good problem solving skills, not to create a dependency on you.
  4. Put family first. Things get really busy for families during the school year, with numerous sports and school related activities. Learn to say “No” to some of these events. A good goal is to have meals together as a family at least three nights a week.
  5. Pay attention to your child’s friendships. Peers have an incredible influence on your children’s values and behavior. Get to know your kids’ friends and their parents.
  6. Help out at school. This is a great way to give back and to stay connected with what is going on in your child’s life.
  7. Keep a balanced perspective. In addition to setting high expectations for academics, focus on helping your child develop a good work ethic, high moral standards, trusting relationships, and a positive attitude.
  8. Contact your child’s school counselor for help with questions or concerns.
    Kelly Paurowski, 6th Grade, Rebecca Lisska, 7th Grade, Felecia Sheard, 8th Grade

This information is from “Ways to Help Your Kids in School,” in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


  • Turn in Fundraising packets in the morning on September 3, 2015.
  • Upcoming PTSA Events
  • Sparkles Skate Night; Friday, September 4th @ 6:00 PM

Basketball / Cheerleading

  • Cheerleading Tryouts start September 2nd for 7th and 8th graders
  • Basketball conditioning starts September 8th Girls / Boys


Your child's homeroom teacher should be your first method of contact for any concerns.

Click on grade level below to access teacher list and email.
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