There are many different types of social networking sites,and social media, such as,Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,Tumblr,Vine,and of course YouTube.Youtube is the third most visited and viewed site, after Google and Facebook.With more than 35 million followers on Twitter and over 76 million likes on Facebook,there are more than 1 billion different viewers that visits YouTube every month,and over 6 billion hours of video that are watched every month on YouTube.

Brief History of YouTube

In 2005, as YouTube the video-sharing website was taking off, the founders of Youtube noticed a small problem,there was an explosion in the numbers of inexpensive and expensive to capture photo but there wasn't a good way to share videos.

Chad Hurley had studied design at Indiana University in Pennsylvania, while Steve Chen studied computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.After graduation,Hurley and Chen both started to work at PayPal in San Jose, California where they met co-founder Jawed Karim and many of their employees.

In February 14th, 2005, Hurley registered the trademark,logo and domain of YouTube.In May of 2005, a small group of the employees launched the test site

In November 2005, YouTube received a funding from Sequoia Capital, then in December YouTube officially became a corporation.The first office was located in San Mateo, California, and over time the number of employees increased.

In October 2006, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen sold YouTube to Google for $1.65 billion, and at that time YouTube had about 65 employees.

Now, YouTube is the largest online video destination in the world and is the third most visited website overall.The surpasses two billion view in a day, that is nearly double the prime time audience of all three major U.S networks all together. YouTube comprises the largest video-sharing association in the world and includes users, advertisers and over 10,000 partners. Every minute 24 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube and hundreds of million of users spanning the globe come YouTube to discover and share videos to the world.

YouTube Logos

YouTube Founders

The YouTube Website in 2005

The Making of YouTube

The Making of YouTube

The first video on Youtube

The very first video on YouTube, was a video by the co-founders Jawed Karim.

Me at the zoo

YouTube Events

YouTube also holds different types of challenges or events such as YouTube Geek Week, YouTube Comedy Week and the YouTube Awards. One of the most recent event Youtube had was the first-ever YouTube Music Awards. The YouTube Music Awards is where people decides who wins by sharing their favourite YouTube in different categories by using Google Plus,Facebook or Twitter. The different categories include YouTube Breakthrough, Response of the Year, Innovation of the Year, YouTube Phenomenon Award, Video of the Year and Artist of the Year.

YouTube Entertainment

Youtube is a video-sharing website, which users can upload videos,view, and share.There many different types of Youtube videos such as, music videos,music/cover video,tutorials videos,video blogging,educational videos,people and blogs videos,entertainment videos,TV or movie clips,and other different genres of videos, such as comedy,and action.

Example of YouTube Videos

Here are some example of the different variety of YouTube videos.

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