Society: Changes over the years

by: Keagan Terry


How has society changed since the 60's?

People need to reflect on how society has changed and how it continues to change for better or for worse. People think our society is bad today but if you release what it used to be then you'd think your life is a walk in the park. For others things have gotten worse and they look back and think life was so much easier then but its all about perspective.

Society in my opinion has gotten a bit better. Now people care what happens to others, kids aren't allowed to smoke or carry weapons, laws are unforced more and people get what they deserve for breaking them. There are less kids without actual families and less gangs. So over the years society has changed more for the better.

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The Outsiders took place in the 60's,and society then wasn't the greatest.

The greasers didn't have much family or much of a home and they always had to watch their backs for socs. The socs were rich and spoiled with the newest, nicest stuff. They would attack greasers for fun and people couldn't care less (except for other greasers). Society then was a mess.