The Facts of Cheetahs

By.McKenna Jacquin


I have been studying cheetahs for a long time! This is a book that tells you all about cheetahs.This is what you will learn in this smore:there habitat,what they look like and what they eat! Do you want to learn about cheetah’s? Come on let's go see what we can find!


Cheetahs can live all over the world except for antarctica of course! Cheetahs live all over the eastern part of southern african grasslands. Cheetahs live in dry open arias. They live in a lot of grass. Like I said before grasslands! Cheetah’s normally live where lots of other animals are.

What They Look Like

Cheetah’s have small black spots on them they yellow sandy looking fur they have a white belly. They have black lines running from their eyes to the corner of their mouth. The ch

eetah is normally 6.5 feet long(2 meters long)

what they eat

Cheetahs eat medium sized animals like Antelope, in Pallas, Rabbit,Gazelles, Zebras, Birds. Cheetahs are carnivores they only eat meat. When a cheetah hunt’s it gets close enough that it trips it and starts to kill it and eat it.

Fun Fact / Interesting Information #1

The cheetah is the world's fastest land animal.

Fun Fact / Interesting Information #2

The cheetah can sprint faster than 70 miles(112 kilometers) per hour.

Fun Fact / Interesting Information #3

The cheetah’s scientific name is acinonyx.

Vocabulary Word #1 Definition

medium: medium is the size that is in between large and small

Vocabulary Word #2 Definition

grasslands: a big area with lots of grass.

Vocabulary Word #3 Definition

meeter: a little over 3 feet


now you know all about cheetahs! the subject’s you learned about are habitat.what they look like(physical features) and what they eat! if you want to learn more go to to learn more!n