History of Christmas: Brazil

By Sanninidi, Erica and Emily

Gift handling

If Papai Noel finds your sock on Christmas Day, he will exchange that sock for a present!

They also have secret Santa there just like we do except it is called amigo secreto instead!


In Brazil, they have plenty of activities. The most common one is watching the folk play "Los Pastores" or the shepherds.

Food served

1) turkey

2) ham

3) colored rice

4) fresh veggies

5) fruit dishes

These are some of the most common dishes on Christmas day in Brazil

Traditional Celebrations

Some of their most common celebrations are is "Noite Feliz" (silent night). They also have big lit up trees and firework displays.

How children celebrate Christmas

Children spend Christmas by getting present from Papai Noel or father Christmas on Christmas Day.

More facts about Brazil at Christmas time

1) it's really hot during Christmas time and because its so hot, Santa comes in a silk suit and boots

2) thousands of Catholics attend "Misso do Galo" on Christmas Eve.

3) they also sing a number of Christmas carols just like here in America