Our Mexican Dignity

Why US citizens shouldn't be allowed to buy land in Mexico

History of Texas and Mexico

1. Mexico was a product of early colonization having an established culture when the Spaniards had owned it before it gained its independence. The US was a product of late colonization. When Americans were invited into to Texas, they outnumbered Tejanos 6-1 in 1830. Mexico became afraid and cut off all immigration to Americans

2. Americans were sneaking illegally into to Texas just like how today Mexicans sneak illegally into America

3. Spaniards brought the tradition of the mixing of races when they owned Mexico when mixing of races didn't become finalized until the 1960s

4. Mexico outlawed slavery in 1835 and in Texas American settlers still wanted the slaves so they could grow crops. It took America 30 more years to abolish slavery

Mexico just wants to maintain their culture and remain in control of their own land. Because of the ratio of Americans to Tejanos, they were scared that they allowed even more American settlers they would take control of Mexico and their Mexican people and culture would wither away in a country they used to call their own. American settlers had no respect or desire to follow the immigration law by sneaking into Mexican territory illegally. The last two facts show how much more diverse Mexico is than America. Mexico already lived in a community peacefully in mixed races unlike America who had a segregation law until the Civil Rights Movement had affected it and the separation was no more. Also, Mexico outlawed slavery in 1835. American settlers wanted Texas to become independent so they could keep slavery. It took America 30 more years to realize the bad in this situation. Mexico was more welcoming and fair unlike America who didn't realize their wrong doings until much later.

Settlement of Texas

1. Mexico allowed Americans to settle in Texas, but then the US took Texas away from them.

2. Americans settle in Texas but refuse to follow Mexican requirements

3. American settlers outnumbered Mexican settlers more than three to one and had their own form of society

This shows that Americans have no respect for Mexican law or Mexican citizens by not respectively following the requirements Mexico gave American settlers in order to settle in Texas. Just by not following the requirements it shows that they do not care what Mexican government tells them in exchange for the settlement in our territory. Why should they allowed to buy land in our country?

Texas War for Independence

1. This war resulted in Santa Anna being captured and forced to sign a treaty giving Texas its independence, taking away a part of Mexico's territory.

2. US forces beat Mexican forces battle after battle. For revenge from the fight for the Alamo, the Battle of San Jacinto left more than half of the Mexican army was killed

3. The dispute over the Texas borderline caused a lot of conflict. When Santa Anna signed the Treaties of Velasco giving Texas its independence he didn't know, but he no longer had the authority to represent Mexico. The treaty was never ratified by Mexico government so to the Mexican government, we still owned up to the Nueces River, but to America, Mexico only owned up to the Rio Grande.

American forces beating us battle after battle tells us that if we let them purchase land in our country they may be able to overthrow us considering how strong their military forces are today. They killed more than half of the Mexican army, we may not be able to fight back if they decide to takeover. We want to preserve our nation's people and culture. Americans should have understood what the ratification by Mexican government meant. If the treaty was never ratified, then why should it be enforced. Santa Anna was removed so he doesn't have the authority. Again, Americans have no respect for Mexican government. America would have done the same thing.

War with Mexico

1. The war was fought in the name of Manifest Destiny which is the belief that the US would possess the continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

2. John C. Fremont appeared in California with a group of men and told the Mexican governor he was just buying supplies on his way to Oregon, but instead entered California explaining he had been looking for a seaside home for his mother. In reaction for asking him to leave, he built a fort in Gavilan Peak and raised an American flag. He left and assisted in the Bear Flag Revolt in Sonoma. They captured the garrison of Mexico and raised a homemade flag with a bear and star on it to symbolize them taking control.

This shows that the Americans are being greedy and selfish with their idea of Manifest Destiny. They are not thinking of others. Possessing all of the land and doing whatever it takes is not a way to go about having a peaceful relationship with neighbors. Fremont's placement of the fort and raising the flag was very disrespectful. We shouldn't allow the people that captured one of our own garrisons. We do not want controlling people in our country because it may lead to a complete takeover.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago

1. Mexico lost Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and parts of Utah and Wyoming and descended in political chaos

2. The treaty added 1.2 million square miles to US territory

3. It left Mexico underdeveloped, technologically and economically

The borderline of Texas was never resolved until this treaty. America took land from Mexico just for the sake of getting more land and left them behind in overall growth for its country. Treating other countries, especially neighboring countries, is not a good way to make especially good relations. Why should we allow the same people to purchase land in our country that took our land? It isn't being respectful and they are taking their southern neighbors for granted. How would America feel if it were vice versa? Losing all of that land was definitely a downer on Mexican pride and just had a concluded feeling of defeat.

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