Tressa Nichole

Computer Applications


This smore page will be used to display my work completed in Computor Applications class.

My Bestfriend Keonia

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About Me

My name is Tressa Kagen. I'm 15 years old. And I'm determined to graduate by June of 2016. So I can move to TN to take care of my grandparents and go to college to become a CNA or an abuse crisis counselor.


mirosoft word

I got an idea of how to set up a resume. It was very helpful and simple.
This project was simple. i learned how to create a different type of title font.
I learned how to create an invatation.
I learned how to organize my set up.
I learned how to use Microsoft Word.
This project thought me how to insert borders and tables.

microsoft powerpoint

This was a challenge. It taught me how to use excel and powerpoint together.
Honestly i didn't do this project right. It was about a dream job, but i dont want to grow up and have those responsibilities. Its harder than what people think. No one should rush to grow up. Its just another worry.
This project taught be how to change the style of my slides.
I learned how to add transitions on the slides.
This project taught me the basics of powerpoint.

microsoft excel