Sandy McSoulthers

Westing Game by ellen raskin


Sandy McSoulthers is the doorman of Sunset Towers. He used to work for the Westing Paper Mill twenty years ago until he was fired. Usually he has a cheery, informal personality. He is related to Sam Westing and one of the 16 heirs that were invited to the reading of his will.

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Key Passage

pg 81

"Two boys still in high school, one daughter married and expecting my third grandchild (her husband just lost his job so they moved in with us), another daughter who works part-time as a typist ( she plays piano real good), and two sons who work at a brewery."

-Sandy McSoulthers

This passage shows that Sandy has a large family and that Sandy seems to be a genuinely kind person but this is just his elaborate fake backstory. This is shown when he says in parenthesis '(her husband just lost his job so they moved in with us)'.

Key Passage 2

One half hour to go. Turtle was so close to winning she could feel it, taste it, but still the answer eluded her. "Ladies and gentlemen, who was Sam Westing?" she began. "He was poor Windy Windkloppel, the son of immigrants. He was rich Sam Westing, the head of a huge paper company. He was a happy man who played games. He was a sad man whose daughter killed herself. He was a lonely man who moved to a faraway island. He was a sick man who returned home to see his friends and relatives before he died. And he did die, but not when we thought he did. Sam Westing was still alive when the will was read."

This passage shows Sandy's real history.

Internal Conflict

Sandy/Sam's internal conflict is that his daughter Violet Westing died by suicide which he blames his ex-wife Berthe Erica Crow for because she forced her to get married against her will. This led to him creating the Westing Game to further punish Crow.

Theme Song

I chose this for my theme song because it appeals to Sandy having multiple identity's and being rich (since he is Sam Westing).

The Batman Theme Song