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Sept 15, 2016

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On August 28th over 100 Corinthian-ites celebrated Judi's birthday with a Hollywood Movie Bash....Jason Bourne Style!

We were treated to a fun evening of action and suspense as we watched the movie, "Jason Bourne". A lot of Corinthians drove in from the surrounding Dallas area and a few were able to fly to Dallas for the special occasion. We enjoyed seeing Jason Bourne in action one more time- and guess, what? He gets away to fight another day and the bad guy loses! Jeff Loomis and Nanette Sanders gave Judi wonderful tributes that brought tears to my eyes. Then as the movie began we ate loads of popcorn, candy, sodas and movie themed cupcakes.

You probably are familiar with the Jason Bourne series. As most of you know Jason Bourne is a fearless individual, with unwavering convictions and ethics. He is a Patriot. He is loyal. Jason has an uncanny knack of-

1) never getting too tired to stop running;

2) staying one step ahead of his enemies and

3) never quitting.

It is one of Judi's favorite movie series- and Matt Damon (who reminds her of Evan Loomis) is one of her favorite actors.

As I am typing this little summary and description of the character traits of Jason Bourne, I realize that if Jason were a woman who was running a health care company in Southlake, he might just be Judi! Judi Bourne- it has a nice ring to it!!!

Judi is one of the most fearless and courageous people I have ever seen in action willing to take risks and think creatively. She stays true to her convictions and ethics in times of challenge. She has enormous loyalty for those who are lucky to be in her life. She has a one of a kind ability to stay mobile and agile (never stops running) while thinking one step ahead of the healthcare "enemies" - (i.e., changing healthcare marketplace). Her energy level is legendary- everyone reading this knows what I am talking about. We all want to bottle it and drink it! And finally, we see her rise up time and again from big and small set backs with a positive attitude and "can do" spirit- she never quits!

Happy Birthday Judi Bourne! You have always been like an action hero to me. I am so proud and thankful to be your daughter.

Kim Daugherty

CHS, Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Santiago Restrepo, MD will once again pounding the pavement when he participates in the NYC Marathon on November 6th. Special thank you to Judi for her significant donation on behalf of VISTA/CHS toward his NYC Marathon run. Dr Restrepo will be donating the funds he raises to the ALS Foundation.



Monday, October 10


Paesanos Wine Room

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KUDOS To Deanna Nicholson!

You truly never know the full depth and breadth of a person’s contributions until you walk a mile in their shoes! I had the great honor of covering for RN extraordinaire,Deanna, last week in her center while she took a well-deserved vacation! Wow! Her patients truly ADORE her and my old bones and feet were dog tired at the end of what would be “just another day” for Deanna! Also had the great pleasure of working with Deanna’s new nurse Cheryl Barnett. Great hire, great clinician, and (most importantly) FUN! Thank you to Deanna for all she does!

Bucky Staggs, RN, IGCN

CHS, Medical Science Liason