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Phifer Financial 10am-1pm (Faculty Room)


Boys 2 Men Night- 7pm (Cafeteria)


PTO Book Fair begins

ABCO Credit Union 10am-1pm (Faculty Room)​

End of MP/Grades/Related Arts Switch Date

We are coming to the close to of the 3rd marking period which takes place on Monday April 13th. Grades will be due on Wednesday April 16th at 8:00am. Students will be moving to their 4th MP related arts class on Monday April 20th.

Cleanliness of Classrooms

Earlier in the year the Site Base team provided staff the opportunity to have their voice heard with regard to how well their classroom is being cleaned. Surveys were distributed to collect the data so that I could address any issues with the custodial staff. Unfortunately, not many of the surveys were returned, which prevented me from having an informative conversation with our night time head custodian due to lack of data. We are making an honest effort to work with the custodial staff to ensure that what needs to be cleaned is being cleaned. Here are the steps to follow if you have an issue:

  1. Speak with the custodian that is responsible for your classroom. Explain what your need is.
  2. If you feel as if your issue has not been addressed after speaking with the custodian, email Jason (jreinart@mtlaurelschools.org) and copy me and your grade level AP with the issue and when you spoke with the custodian. We will follow up with Jason to resolve the issue.

Due to the lack of surveys that were returned, we are sending surveys out again to gauge what needs to be improved. Please fill them out completely and return them to the main office to Debbie. If we do not get surveys back, it is difficult to address any issues that may be present.

PTO Book Fair and Drama Club Performances

Due to the Drama Club performances on 4/1 and 4/2, we're asking that only 6th grade teachers sign up during periods 1-3 on 4/1 and 5th grade teachers sign up for periods 1-3 during 4/2. We want to avoid students coming in and out of the cafeteria disrupting the performance.

Drama Club Schedule

  • 5th grade- 4/1 (8:10am-10:00am)
  • 6th grade- 4/2 (8:10am-10:00am)

Assignment Change Request Form

As we begin looking at staffing assignments for next year, I would like to know what your thoughts are on your current assignment and if you are thinking about a change. Assignment Change Request Forms have been placed in every teacher's mailbox. Please fill out the form and return it to the main office by Friday in the folder above Mary Ann DiMartino's desk. I need everyone to fill out the form even if you are not interested in a change of assignment. Please understand that this is for information gathering purposes only and does not assure you that your request will be honored.

Extended Day Care List

Please check your email at the end of every day for the Extended Day Care. We want to make sure that students that are in day care get there and don't go home on a bus.

PARCC Feedback

PARCC - your feedback wanted:

Once you are done administering the PARCC Assessment to your students, you are invited to complete a survey. The information is in your Test Administrator Manual, page 26. Basically, got to https://www.humrro.org/PARCC/TestAdminCBT. You are invited to do this after the PBA portion and again after the EOY.


As we are putting the finishing touches on teacher evaluations, it is now time to look forward to our end of year Summative (Annual) Evaluation meetings. We will begin Annual evaluations during the second week in May. One of our secretaries will contact you to schedule your date and time. Please begin to upload any artifacts for consideration before May. Once May begins we will look at what was uploaded, complete your evaluation, and send it to you before your meeting. The process will be similar to what we have done all year. If you need assistance with uploading evidence, please see one of us or a colleague for help.

Tips to save you time for your meeting:

  • Begin now. May will be here before you know it. We have a deadline date that we have to have annuals completed by so we would like to be as efficient as possible and want to respect your time also.

  • Only upload materials that will substantiate an area that you have concern about. If you are satisfied with your rating in a category, no need to upload anything. If you are satisfied with your ratings in all of your evaluations throughout the year, you don't have to upload anything.

  • The materials that are submitted will be reviewed and a final rating will be determined by the administrator completing the evaluation prior to the meeting. If you have a question as to why an area was rated what it was we will discuss it during our meeting.

  • We will also complete your PDP rating for the year. Please continue to collect data/evidence to support the attainment of your PDP goal and bring it to the meeting.

  • Lastly, we will also discuss your SGO during our meeting. Please bring your final data to the meeting so that a final score for your SGO can be calculated.

As we get closer to May, we will go over what is needed again and discuss further at our next faculty meeting.

Thank You

Thank you to the staff members that participated in the March Madness basketball game and the staff members that volunteered their time to assist in other capacities. The PTO thanks you and I thank you. Hopefully the success of the event will provide the financial means to support an even greater number of clubs next year.
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