Elmdale Early Years School

2015-2016 Community Report

Our Mission

Elmdale staff are dedicated to serve and nurture a foundation for growth and life long learning while partnering with our children, families, and community.

About Us...


  • Balance Literacy Program: Including Daily 5 instruction and Guided Reading
  • Reading Recovery Program: Support Grade 1 literacy
  • Home Reading Program

Positive Behaviour Program

  • Bucket Filling School
  • PrinciPal Awards

Community Buidling

  • Grandpartner Program
  • School Assemblies
  • Numeracy
  • Guided Math

Music and Physical Education Programs

  • Christmas Choir Concert
  • Skating Instruction
  • Water Safety Instruction

Achievements of 2015-2016


· 75% of all Elmdale students are at or above grade level in reading.

· 89% of students met their home reading goal in at least 7 out of 8 months.

· 44 students participated in an Elmdale Summer Home Reading program.

· 10 students having difficulty completing home reading took part in a reading program with educational assistants before school every morning.

· 100% of students and 87% of families attended the Family Celebration of Reading, Writing and Art in February.


· Most teachers had a session with Kim Koop regarding Assessment in Math.

· Most teachers used some form of Guided Math in their classrooms this year for a period of time.


· Over half of grade 3 and 4 students participated in the year round intramural program.

· Students learned about the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables in their lunches during nutrition month in March.

· Many students took the opportunity to use the gym for running activities before school on “cold” mornings throughout the year.


· Placed 30 new student laptops into classrooms and the library which were used by students for guided math, literacy centers and general learning.

· Provided students access to educational online outcomes based age appropriate websites by maintaining a Symbaloo site.

· Completed a new initiative to install interactive projectors into all kindergarten classrooms where they are used daily by students.

Social Responsibility

· 10 families took advantage of Parenting Support Groups offered by the school’s Social Worker. Students in these families received more Green Slips (positive behavior slips).

· 75% of Elmdale students participated in the Elmdale Garden project.

· 92% of Elmdale students have better than 85% attendance.

Elmdale Early Years School

Principal Mr. Campbell

Kindergarten to Grade Four

Full Time Equivalent: 18.5

Full Time Resource: 1

Support Staff 14