Soaring into MDE

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Week 2 of distance learning is in the "books." It feels as though everyone is getting the hang of this Virtual Learning! While I know we all would prefer to be on campus and in the classroom, I just have to say, our teachers, students and families are truly amazing! You all have taken a (bad) situation and have made the absolute best out of it!

A few things we have learned as we come to the end of our second week:

  1. Restarting your Chromebook just prior to class starting will reset the connections to software, programs and apps.
  2. Please remember that your child may have unmuted their computer. (Unfortunately, this week, a few classes heard some inappropriate words coming from other families.)
  3. Eating and drinking anything other than water during instruction should not occur.
  4. It is advised that cameras be kept on for maximum engagement and teacher feedback.
  5. A lot of learning is still occurring even from a distance.

I have received many calls and emails regarents shared words of encouragement, concern and general questions and suggestions. (One in particular: Download the Google Classroom App, if possible. It helps to keep track of your student's work.) I hope more families are able to attend our next Coffee with the Principal Zoom on Friday, 9/25 @ 9:30am.

Instructional Music at MDE

We are pleased to announce that 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to learn to play a band or string instrument by voluntarily enrolling in Elementary Instrumental Music (EIM)! The EIM staff are actively working on best instructional practices to support the distance learning model. Please read HERE to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Weekend Story

While I have loved having our story time be "scheduled" for Sunday nights, it seems that my "opening" of each of the videos is not happening on cue. Thus, moving forward, I plan to embed the video each week in my Friday newsletter.

This week we have a very special guest reader, Mr. Lamont Van Hook. Lamont was part of Phil Collins' touring band from 2000 up to his final solo tour last year. Prior to that, Lamont toured and recorded with Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Barry Manilow and others. He’s also been featured in several TV commercials for Geico, CVS, etc. You can learn more about Lamont in this link.

Thank you to the MDE family that made this possible! Please remember if you have any contacts that would like to share a story, we are open for many readers. (I do have a few more people already lined up, but there is always room for more!)

Big picture

A note from our Parent Faculty Club


In addition to some "fun" spirit days, be sure to get your school spirit here, so you are ready for the last day of the week! (Fridays will become our School Spirit Day!)