Wildcat Weekly

September 24

Show your Hurld Wyman Wildcat PAWS!

Students are reminded each Wildcat Wednesday in the morning announcements to remember their P.A.W.S.! Promote Kindness, Act Safely, Work Hard, and Show Respect. This is our HW Vision and posted in all classrooms and hallways.

Students can earn a paw from any adult in the building for demonstrating Positive PAW behavior. These paws are then posted on our schoolwide bulletin board for all to see in the cafeteria, and receive a special message of appreciation from the office.

Mandatory Annual Permissions and Emergency Contacts

1 form per student. Required for every Hurld Wyman student.

Emergency Forms

Families of students missing a mandatory emergency contact and annual permissions form were emailed yesterday from the office. A copy is above. When completed, you will get a confirmation email.

Student Council

We had 58 applications to become a Student Council Representative! Thank you to all students who applied, and we look forward to having you help your class reps bring back ideas to make Hurld Wyman the best place to be!

Mrs. Farrell: Ania-Rose

Mrs. Brogna: Hailey

Mrs. McDonald: Raquel

Mrs. Fay: Gia

Ms. Abramovich: Michael T.

Mrs. Mahoney: Scarlett

Mrs. Iverson: Siddarth

Ms. Chisholm: Nate K.

Mrs. Greene: Kasey Z.

Kindergarten rep: Gavin (5G)

1st grade rep: Lily S. (5I)

2nd grade rep: Austin S. (5C)

Y.E.S. Hour Opportunity

Students can earn 1 Y.E.S. (Youth Engaged in Service) Hour for donating 2 bags of non-chocolate candy for our Hurld Wyman 5th grade/PTO Float in the Halloween parade. There is a box at the office.

Y.E.S. Awards are presented to 5th graders who have earned at least 50 hours by their 5th grade year. This is an award that is attainable and available to all our students. See the log below and start tracking your Wildcat's hours! These logs are maintained and filled out by families based on the honor system, and turned in during the spring of 5th grade.

A Note from the Nurse's Desk

Test and Stay has been updated. Please read below for important information for those families who have ALREADY given consent, and those who would like to.

Updated In-School Testing Program Info for Staff & Families: (9-20-21)

  1. Parents/staff who consented prior to 9-21-21:

    • You should have received an email from "CIC" asking you to activate your account. Once you complete this step the student/staff are ready to be tested per WPS protocols.

    • Please note that you must open this email and activate the account or your consent will not be fully processed.

    • If you need to enter a school code on your existing profile/account use the following applicable code:

      1. Students code: VQILVN

      2. Staff code: JMGCKI

    • Existing CIC Health accounts can be accessed @ https://pbcovid.cic-health.com/login/

      1. You can add and update profiles for multiple family members once logged into your account.

  1. Parents/staff wishing to consent to testing as of 9-21-21:

    • You can access the consent via the following link below: www.cic-health.com/consent/ma

    • If you do receive an email from CIC to activate your account, please do this immediately.

    • Once activated, the staff/student will be fully consented to be tested as per WPS protocols.

PTO News

Sign up so your student can get a FREE TSHIRT: Hurld Wyman Directory 2021-2022 (google.com) We have 261 of 374 completed.

Thanks to Staples in Woburn for the school supply donations!

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Save the Dates

  • October 2- Custodian Appreciation Day
  • October 11- No School, Columbus Day
  • October 14- Picture Day
  • October 17- 5th grade car wash at City Hall 9am-1pm
  • October 27- Early Release Day, 12:30pm