Warren middle school


Cheer is a great thing to do at WMS! We jump, stunt, and tumble! There is a total of twenty-four girls on the team! There are 12 7th graders and 12 8th graders. You should definitely join cheer because you can make new friends and work together as a team. Cheer allows you to become stronger and earn trust from other people. Cheer cost up to 1,000$ at the most. Be ready to spend tons of time in the gym with your team because it's very time consuming.


Volleyball is an amazing sport to do! The purpose is to grow as a athlete and to become better at the sport. You make new friends along the way and build relationships with coaches. Each teammate become quicker and faster. Even thought practice is every morning at 6:00 it's definitely worth the work. Volleyball requires you to be ready to move and throw yourself on the floor
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Basketball is one of the many sports at WMS. Basketball requires you to be very aggressive! It requires you to believe in yourself and to work as hard as you can. Throughout the season you learn new drills and new skills. If you want to do it; you can do it.
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Girls athletics

Girls athletics is a great way to become fit and healthy! You become stronger and faster any the things you do! It's a great way to get involved with other sports! Even though you get really sweaty and you don't look good going to class it's definitely worth the work.
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Track is a fun way to compete in meets. You make new friends like any other sport. Track is a great sport for people who like to run and do relays. The Downside of it though is it's very time consuming. It also has additional fees here and there.