Switch to Ethanol!

There's a new protocol - switch to using ethanol!

What is ethanol?

Ethanol is a flammable, safer alternative for gas in automobiles. It is a corn based alcoholic product that saves money and the environment.

Nearly every American who owns a car can make a difference by filling their gas tank with ethanol instead of regular gas.

Why switch?

The U.S. burns many fossil fuels every day and it is damaging our environment. By switching to ethanol, the population can reduce these emissions. This can be as simple as buying ethanol based gas in your vehicle instead of everyday gas. the use of ethanol provides jobs in rural areas, is more efficient than gasoline, lowers dependence on foreign imports and requires little to no extra equipment or expense to produce ethanol. Ethanol is very eco-friendly and increases industry for corn.

Effects of ethanol

  • Most gasoline in the U.S. has some percentage of ethanol.
  • Ethanol helps out with the Clean Air Act.
  • All engines can use E10 ethanol.
  • Producing ethanol provides more jobs in the economic Midwest.


  • fluctuation in in the price of ethanol
  • ethanol has a lower mileage capacity than pure gasoline
  • ethanol cannot be put into every car
  • a lot more corn and fields are needed if people wish to make the switch to ethanol permanent

By Kristen Schmidt and Aubrey Nelson