Basketball History

Diamond Washington Carper 7th Period

How was basketball created?

Basketball was created by a guy named James Naismith, he was an athete who excelled in all sports. He taught hysical education in Massachusetts in a small christan comunity. Mr Naisith created basketball by combining all the elements of soccer, hockey, football, and baseball.

Why did James A. Naismith create basketball?

James A. Naismith lived in Canada, and he couldn't play any sports in the winter because you had to lay them outdoors.He eventually moved to Massachusetts he started to work for a small christian community, but still wanted an indoor sport. This is why James A. Naismith created basketball.

How has basketball evovled over the years?

When basketball was created,they started out with nine players on the court. But in 1896 they changed it to five players. Later on in the years, they added more rules making sure that the players played fair. One of the rules were, if the player were to be fouled they could shoot a free throw. In the next decade or so, they added a backboard, not just for the players convience. It was to keep the fans from blocking the opposing teams shots and reaching and putting their hands and arms in the basket.

Why is basketball well known in the U.S?

Basketball was introduced to many different countries and was well known to other people across the globe.In 1936 at the Berlin Games basketball was made an official olympic game.Through out the Cold War the United States and the Soviet Union competed for domination of the sport. But since basketball was created in the United States, people came to know it throught out the whole nation.