Spartan Scoop 17

December 18th

Need To Knows:

Envisions: I have asked previously in the last newsletter if anyone was interested in any PD with our math program. No interest was shown. Therefore, if you are someone that is new to Envisions and want to observe a lesson email me with interest. We could set up an observation or have Mrs. Patrick push in to teach a lesson for you to observe.

Google Site Training-- Ashley Patrick will be setting up two days for this training. Please watch for her email. You need to attend if you do not have a website OR your website needs to be updated. I do want us all to move over to Google Sites eventually.

Monday, January 4th, 2016/ CLT: This Monday will be used to discuss the Tier II and III students from the SLO scores and Star data I reviewed over the break.

If you did not get your student percentages from the most recent SLO to me today please do so by next week. I plan on pulling and comparing these scores. Teams will collab on supports roles and scope of topics from this point forward.

RTI: As shared we are pushing back into our own classrooms during the RTI time and are no longer adhering to the two week ELA/six week math schedule. These details were shared with you at your team meeting today.

Remember the following things with pushing this time back into your rooms:

1. We will still look at data. Tier 2 and 3 students will be ID'd and progress monitored This data will be reviewed by teams and I every other week to help keep the math instruction focused and meaningful with changes made for students.

2. Brandy will be meeting with CA grade level teams to keep the ELA focus strong and purposeful. Focusing on the lessons, strategies and assessments being used.

3. Supports will remain the same and push in at that time in the morning. Make sure you have something set up for them to do that is meaningful with your students for Math at this time. Talk to your supports so they are aware.

Make sure you are logging ALL parent contacts in SIS.

Make sure you are securing the teacher door when you leave. Randy caught me tonight when I was leaving to let me know it was keyed open and never locked back by someone.

CWG-- we will use one day a month from this point out for two team members to re-evaluate rigor and relevance of the SLO's and look at assessments/scores to enter for Sheila and needed data points. ALL DATA POINTS up to this time are due to be entered by January 8th.

Are you communicating with parents in your newsletters? Do they know all upcoming dates? Remember keep parents informed!

Retention Letters mentioned on the long term calendar in this newsletter will be shared with you when we return.

RTI Committee will be forming the first week we return from break. Email me if you are interested and can commit to meet once to twice a month after school.

To Do's:

  • Peer Observations- the document shared out gives you a guide for this requirement. Get these set up before the time sneaks up on you in March!
  • DRA's for the Winter Testing Window need to be completed and entered by January 22nd.
  • SLO's adn data points need to be updated in the files you have shared with me and Shiela by January 8th.
  • Have you started to send your newsletters via email only to parents that DO NOT need or want a paper copy?? Have you taken a poll of your parents to see? I appreciate those teachers that have done this and shared paper copy #'s/family names with me.

  • Grade cards are due in SIS by January 6th. They are now open to start entering your scores. Make sure you talk to your team/grade reps if you are confused about marking grades. Also, make sure to write comments for each student.
  • Care Team: If you have students you are concerned about have you filled out ALL of their paperwork and taken them to Care Team? Do you have work samples to show your concerns?
  • Remember to keep logging your floating work day hours. Hours should be logged in 2 hour increments. Logs are due by May 1.
  • Have you had plenty of contact with parents if you have students you are concerned about? Do not let parents be surprised!!

Lollipop Moments:

At this time I want to give all of you a HUGE Lollipop moment! Thank you for your time, energy and love you put into our school! Today was a wonderful day! We have an awesome staff!

December Birthdays to Celebrate!


Cher Smith-13th

Lindsey Hull-14th

Calendar Events that are Coming Up Next week:

Winter DRA Window: December 1-Janurary 23

Upcoming Events:

January 4: Staff and Students Return to school/PTO Mtg @5:30

January 5: BLT in the Library @ 7:45/PBS Lesson -- seeing the Nurse

January 6: Sped Staffing @ 7:45/Grades due in SIS

January 7: PBS mtg @ 7:45/Health And Advisory mtg @ HS 4:00

January 8: Grade Cards Go Home!/FACULTY MTG @ 7:45/PTO Movie Event 6:00 to 8:30

January 11: January 11: CLT Mrs. McCluskey will be at GBE to discuss our Long Range Facility Plan with Staff. We begin at 8 in the Music room.

January 11:MAP mtg @ 7:45

January 12: 3rd Grade Care Team mtg. @ 7:45/BOE Meeting at 5:30 C.O.

January 12/13: Shine Half Days

January 13: SPED staffing @ 7:45

January 14: Map Team mtg @ 7:45/Wellness Committee mtg @ 7:45/ Angie, Dave, Melissa and Dee are out all day-- Mrs. Swetnam covers the office and Mrs. Easley covers the office

January 15: Retention letters are due to office ready to mail/New teachers' meeting with Doss in Library @ 7:45/Grade/Team mtgs

January 18: No School-MLK Day

January 19: 4th Grade Care Team mtg @ 7:45

January 20: Sped Team mtg @ 7:45

January 21: GBE Lit Team @ 7:45/PDC District mtg @ 4:00

January 22: Team/Grade mtg @ 7:45

January 25: District Technology Meeting 4:00 at C.O.

January 26: 5th Grade Care Team @ 7:45

January 27: Sped Team mtg @ 7:45

January 28: Social Team mtg. @ 7:45

January 29: Grade/Team mtgs @ 7:45

Sonic Drink Appreciation Day for a GBE Grade Level/Team

Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2016 at 12am

1320 Gratz-Brown Street

Moberly, MO

I promised early on in the year that each grade level/team would get a day that they received a Sonic drink of choice as an appreciation from us. We have featured our third grade team early on in the year for Sonic Treats. It is now time to move onto fourth grade! Something to look forward to when we return from break. Don't worry if you have not had your day yet! You will -- one team at a time helps my pocket book. ;)