Whales are really cool you might not think it but they are!

Whale facts

Whales are really cool animals and they are the biggest animal in the world! Let me tell you some cool facts about them!

  • Whales are not fish at all, they are mammals like dolphins and porpoises.
  • Whales are very large animals, so they need very large amounts of food.
  • Whales have no predators other then people.
  • There are 16 whales in the world.

The Humpbackwhale

  • Its the most recognized whale
  • They are 79,000 pounds or about 20-40 tons
  • They breach like in the video down below
  • Lifespand is 49-100 years
  • They are 49-52 feet
  • They are found in oceans seas all around the world
Humpback Whales Breaching

3 of my favorite whales

Whales are really cool and amazing! :]


  1. Blue whale
  2. Gray whale
  3. Fin whale
  4. Humpback whale
  5. Mink whale
  6. Narwhal whale
  7. Pilot whale
  8. Right whale
  9. Sperm whale
  10. Beluga whale
  11. Bowhead whale
  12. Killer whale
  13. Artic whale
  14. Narwhal whale