St. Patrick's Day & Marketing

Beniam Esubalew

History of St. Patrick's Day

- St. Patrick's Day was a religious feast day for saint of Ireland

- It became a holiday in the late 20th century

- Millions of people world wide celebrate this holiday

St. Patrick's Day & Global marketing

- In Canada, Colcannon is eaten with kale or cabbage. Drinks are stout, dark beer, and whiskey

- In the United Kingdom, there is a parade with children's workshops and art festivals with food, crafts, dancing, and lots of music

- St. Patrick's Day affects their local economy by the purchase of non-free items

The 5 P's for St. Patrick's Day

Product - People buy the beads and decorations

Place - Its all over the place because its celebrated all over the world

Promotion - They promote anything green that signifies St. Patrick's Day

Price - The prices for most things are cheaper so that the customers buy more products

Profit - They make profit from anything they sell that is green and is need to celebrated in order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day