Say Yes to Tejas!

by: Ruby Ornelas


Say yes to Tejas! Tejas is a wonderful place, people love it here. There is many reasons why people live here. Farming is rich out here in Tejas, the soil is really good for farming. People might love to farm, their dream would come true if they come here and see our farm land. Their is a good chance that you would have a job opportunity in Tejas. You can get a good job and receive money from your job and help your family. There is a lot of lakes and rivers nearby.

Farm Land

Tejas farming is different than other farming land. We have good farming soil and rich. We also plant some crops every single day. Farmers love to grow crops in Tejas farm land.

If you job was to be a farmer, you can receive some money so you can have a better life. Our soil is very rich to grow plants and crops.

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Job opportunity

Are you looking for a job, Are you thinking to coming to Tejas? Well your coming in the right path, Tejas has a lot of jobs. When you come to visit Tejas you can get a job really quick. You might can also get your dream job. Tejas has all kind of jobs, people love the jobs out here. Many people got a job that they always happened, it can happened to you too.
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Our climate is really warm out here. It is a beautiful day every day because of this weather. People might live in a cold state or a hot state, but out here is both. It is the perfect climate to live and play outside. It doesn't snow out here very often so you don't have to worry about your shelter and when you drive.


Tejas can be very cheap. Their houses might be cheap but it is a beautiful house. Tejas can have cheap land and cheap houses. You don't have to worry so much about the money because you can't waste so much money in one day because everything is very cheap.

Tejas has good condition homes worth a good deal.

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Low Taxes

Tejas has no income taxes. It is very rare to see states with low taxes. In Tejas, we have low taxes which helps your money balance. In Tejas the per resident is 3,500$, in taxes. California collects 4,900$. In New York they collect 7,400$. Its a huge difference between New York and Tejas.

Come to Tejas

Tejas is a good place to live, a lot of people has moved to Tejas. It has good farm land, job opportunity, its cheap, climate is good and it has low taxes. Tejas has a positive attitude.