Our Bond Is Our Gift

An Interpersonal Look at Relationships

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Based on popular Periscope and Facebook live videos, Our Bond Is Our Gift is a book for those men and women ready to roll up their sleeves and dig in and do the work to become good men and women for themselves, their relationships, their families, and their communities.

This book is not for the faint of heart.

If you are someone looking to turn your life around, if you are someone looking for your mate for life, if you are a parent looking to help your young son, if you are someone wondering how you might be a light for others--Our Bond Is Our Gift will speak to you.

Author Keith Belvin guides you--through content, testimony, and reflection--on topics, such as understanding how anger and frustration can help you, revealing your truth through transparency, dealing with bad communication and learning how to be an effective communicator, making it through bad days, recreating yourself, fixing men (and our young men), and seeking the love we want.

No matter the relationship, the bond between those involved in the relationship is important. Let this book reveal the gifts found within the bonds you create.

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Who is Keith "K.L" Belvin?

Keith “K. L.” Belvin is an author, counselor, educator, mentor, and public speaker with over twenty years of educational experience with the New York City Department of Education. Keith is happily married to his lovely wife he’s bonded with since 2000 and married in 2007. They currently live in Dover, DE, where they are raising their precious daughter Kayelle, named after her father. He’s Big K. L. and she’s little Kayelle.

His background includes an MA in Human Service Counseling/ Specializing in Christian Ministry from Liberty University, an MS in Education/Specializing in Curriculum Writing, Assessments, and Teaching from Walden University, and teaching credentials from the states of Delaware and New York.

Keith has been featured in Ebony Magazine (February 2012) and Black Expression Book Club. He has been a guest on national radio shows such as Hot 97 FM NYC, Power 105 FM NYC, and on television shows such as The Rick Sanchez Show on CNN.

Through his private counseling practice, Keith has helped many singles and couples in developing actionable goals to becoming better individuals and mates.

He is also the founder and operator of Bravin Publishing LLC, a company that provides literary services to new and upcoming authors. Established in 2010, Bravin Publishing has released all of Keith's titles as well as 40+ other titles from other authors.